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Located on the corner of Deer Park Drive and Aumsville Highway, the Townhouses provide a progressive housing option for returning academic juniors and seniors. There are two different townhouse options. The larger townhouses have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, air conditioning, a full kitchen, and a gas fireplace. The smaller townhouses have two bedrooms, one bathroom, portable air conditioning, and a full kitchen. Laundry facilities are shared between roughly every 3 townhouses. Townhouse living provides an opportunity for students to live independently, while still enjoying the benefits of the on-campus community.


Campus Care
Computer Lab
Library / Academic Center
Music House A
Music House B
Oak Grove Amphitheater
Psalm Performing Arts Center
Pavilion / Student Center
Schimmel Hall (Administration)
Student Life House
Travis Memorial Dining Hall
Western Way

Aagard Hall
Balyo Hall
Davidson Hall
Farrar Hall
Prewitt / Van Gilder Halls (PVG)

Sports Facilities
Athletic Activities Office
C.E. Jeffers Sports Center
Baseball Field
Soccer Field
Softball Field


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