Emergency Reporting Procedures

Emergency Guide

A major emergency may occur any time of the day, with little or no warning.  Corban's emergency response guidebook was designed to provide a quick reference to students and employees.

Though the guidebook does not cover every conceivable situation, please review it periodically to keep yourself informed and prepared. The guidebook covers the following topics:

  • Emergency Contacts & Notifications
  • Medical Emergency
  • Bomb Threat
  • Suspicious Packages
  • Fire
  • Major Floods
  • Major Earthquake
  • Power Failure
  • Evacuating Persons With Disabilities
  • Active Shooter

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If you witness suspicious or concerning people or situations, please call Campus Safety at 503-510-6430.

If you witness a crime, fire, or medical emergency call 911:

Campus Address: 5000 Deer Park Drive SE, Salem, OR

Tips for making emergency calls:

  • Call from a safe location
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Follow dispatcher instructions… don’t hang up until directed.
  • Tell Campus Safety or Police “what” is happening and “where”.
  • Prepare to be a key witness and supply information for an incident report.

Campus Security Numbers: ext. 7777 or 503-510-6430

For victims of sexual assault:

If you were recently the victim of a sexual assault, you should seek medical help immediately. If desired, hospital personnel will assist you in contacting the appropriate law enforcement agencies. University personnel will gladly accompany you to provide support.

You should be aware that if you are under the age of 18, hospital personnel are required by law to file an official report with or without your consent. It is best if you go to the hospital without showering and in possession of the unlaundered clothes you were wearing when the assault took place.

If you need more information about this type of reporting, please do not hesitate to contact any of our campus safety authorities or visit the non-emergency reporting page.

In the case of a serious medical emergency follow the reporting procedures above then consider the following options:

  • Call the school nurse at 2181 (daytime) 503-581-9588 (evening), and/or your Supervisor or Resident Director.
  • Stay with the victim. If the victim is conscious, ask what the problem is. If the victim is unconscious, check for breathing and bleeding. Only trained individuals should administer first aid and CPR.
  • Keep the victim still, comfortable, and warm.
  • Protect the victim from any disturbances.
  • Search for any emergency identification (i.e. ID bracelet).
  • Wait for emergency help to arrive. Never leave the victim alone if at all possible.

If a psychological crisis occurs (e.g. suicidal language, disorientation, confusion, and panic):

  • Please call Counseling Services at extension 2184. Give your name, telephone extension, your location, and the location of the victim. Indicate whether any drugs, medications, or weapons are involved.
  • Stay with the victim unless your safety is threatened. Wait for emergency response personnel to arrive.
  • Stay calm and do not incite panic in others.
  • Be sensitive to the family and friends during the crisis.


  • Contact Campus Safety immediately at extension 7777 or 503-510-6430.
  • Tell the officer your name and location, and the location and nature of the incident.
  • If you are in a safe location, stay there.
  • Do not attempt to interfere with the situation except for self-protection.
  • Try to get a description of any suspects involved. Important characteristics to note are:
    • height & weight -names used
    • method & direction of travel -sex, race, & age
  • Also, try to get a description of any vehicles involved. Important items to note are:
    color-make & Model- license number

Missing person

Because the safety and well-being of students is paramount, Student Life and Campus Safety personnel should be immediately contacted when a student is believed to be missing. A student may be considered missing if he or she is:

  • Unreachable in person, by phone (talking or text), email or other forms of electronic communication for more than 24 hours; or
  • Overdue in reaching a specified destination more than 24 hours past his or her expected arrival; or
  • If additional factors lead university personnel to believe he or she is missing.

In these circumstances, an immediate investigation will be conducted and intentional effort will be made to locate the student in question. These efforts will begin with phone calls to all known phone numbers for that individual, personal contact or phone calls to friends, possible phone calls to parents or other relatives and checking for their vehicle on campus.

If it is determined that the student is missing, university officials will immediately:

  • Complete a Missing Person Report
  • Contact local law enforcement agencies
  • Contact those indicated on the student’s emergency contact sheet.

After the missing student is located, Student Life personnel will conduct further assessments to determine whether or not the student needs additional emotional support and/or poses a risk to personal or campus safety. Crisis Intervention Policies may also be applied.

Please Note:

The University will not divulge information about students or staff to anyone who is not listed on an emergency contact form.