Program Worksheets

Degree worksheets outline the degree requirements by major and concentration.

Change of Catalog Form Only for current TUG students who started prior to Fall 2018 and who are moving forward to the new General Education requirements beginning Fall 2018.

General Education Course Map

Associate of Arts

A.A. Business
A.A. General Studies
A.A. Paraprofessional Educator


Bachelor of Arts or Science


Accounting (B.A.) (B.S.)

Agribusiness (B.A.) (B.S.)
Leadership and Management (B.A.) (
Marketing (B.A.)
Sports and Recreation Management (B
.A.) (B.S.)


Business Management Minor

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice (B.A.) (B.S.)

Criminal Justice Minor


Biology Education (B.A.) (B.S.)
Elementary Education (B.A.) (B.S.)
Health Education (B.A.) (B.S.)
Language Arts Education (B.A.) (B.S.)
Mathematics Education (B.A.) (B.S.)
Physical Education (B.A.) (B.S.)
Physical Education and Health (B.A.) (B.S.)
Social Studies Education (B.A.) (B.S.)

Education Minor
Math Education Minor


Communication (B.A.) (B.S.)
Creative Writing (B.A.) (B.S.)
English (B.A.) (B.S.)
Humanities (B.A.) (B.S.)
Journalism (B.A.) (B.S.)

Communication Minor
English Minor
Humanities Minor
Philosophy Minor
Writing Minor


Exercise Science

Exercise Science (B.A.) (B.S.)

Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology (B.A.) (B.S.)

Forensic Psychology Minor

Health Science

Biomedical Sciences (B.A.) (B.S.)
Pre Physical Therapy (B.A.) (B.S.)

Health Science Minor


History (B.A.) (B.S.)

History Minor

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.) (B.S.)

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts (B.A.) (B.S.)


Mathematics (B.A.) (B.S.)

Mathematics Minor

Media Arts

Convergent Media (B.A.) (B.S.)

Film (B.A.) (B.S.)



Biblical-Theological Studies  (B.A.)
Christian Ministry  (B.S.) (B.A.)
Intercultural Education  (B.S.) (B.A.)
Intercultural Studies  (B.S.) (B.A.)
Linguistics  (B.S.) (B.A.)

Ministry- Kairos program 

Foundational Languages (B.A.)
Functional Languages (B.S.)

Biblical Studies Minor
Church Ministry Minor
Intercultural Studies Minor
Linguistics Minor


General Music (B.A.) (B.S.)
Music Education (B.A.) (B.S.)
Music Performance (B.A.) (B.S.)
Worship Arts (B.A.) (B.S.)

Music Minor


Political Science

Political Science (B.A.) (B.S.)

Political Science Minor


Psychology (B.A.) (B.S.)
Pre-Counseling/Clinical Psychology (B.A.) (B.S.)

Psychology Minor