Academic Advising

Every student has an advisor who serves as a guide and mentor in the student’s educational journey at Corban. Planning an efficient and useful education is a challenging task; therefore, consultation with and approval by the faculty advisor is required for a variety of academic program decisions that students make. Academic advisors are available to discuss student progress and are familiar with the academic programs. All students should meet with their advisors throughout the year when scheduling classes or when formulating plans for changes in educational goals.

First-time freshmen students are assigned a core advisor for the first semester who is specially selected and trained to help the new student make the adjustments to university life. This advisor generally visits with the student prior to the fall term and helps schedule classes. In addition, the advisor serves as instructor for a one-credit course called ID101 Freshman Seminar. Before the end of the first semester, first-time freshmen are assigned an academic advisor in the department in which they plan to complete a major.

Transfer students enrolling (transferring at least 30 semester hours) are referred immediately to an academic advisor for scheduling. An admissions counselor conducts an orientation session for all transfer students during the registration period.

Although the final responsibility for scheduling courses rests with the student, advisors assist students as they move toward their academic goals.

An academic advisor may advise a student to select another program if the requirements for the major have not been met. A change of program or advisor is not official until the Declaration or Change of Major form is completed by the student and on file in the office of the university registrar.