Open Recreation

Corban Recreation

Corban University encourages students to lead a healthy, active life, whether that means competing on a Warriors athletic team, playing in an intramural tournament, or simply renting equipment to organize your own recreation activity.

Equipment will be provided for you for check out by the Gym Facility Coordinator. All equipment will be available for check-out at the student service desk, located on the second floor of the C.E. Jeffers Sports Center. You will be required to have your student ID card in order to check out equipment.


Intramurals seeks to engage students in a wide variety of competitive and recreational team leagues, tournaments, events, and activities. Traditional competitive league sports, tournaments, and events are the mark of the Intramural program.

Running Trails

Students are welcome to access our very own on-campus trails. Trails are for running, jogging, or walking. All abilities are welcome. Trails open at dawn and close at dusk. The trail system shares some of the same areas as our disc golf course. Beware of flying discs as you run. Running vests are available for checkout, and are recommended when running outdoors, especially on roads.

Disc Golf Course

Corban University has a 9-hole disc golf course. The course is located on the northernmost part of campus. You can find hole number one, just to the north of our Warriors Baseball field. Students, employees, alumni, and community members are all welcome (community members must check in with Campus Safety first). The course is play-at-your-own-risk.


All users, including students and employees, are required to sign in before using the gym facility. Students attending athletic practices, Human Performance classes, or any other class for academic purposes, are not required to sign in.