Open Recreation

Open Recreation

The concept of Open Recreation is designed for the student who is unable to sign up and participate for an event that takes a considerable amount of time out of their life, yet they still desire to participate in some kind of informal recreational fun.

Open Rec will consist of predetermined days and times in which specific events will be hosted in open gym play, where anyone can participate and compete against anyone in the determined period of time.

The events that will be available in the Open Rec division include but are not limited to:

  • Pick-Up Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Disc Golf
  • Badminton
  • Board games
  • Volleyball

Equipment for these activities will be provided for you for check out by the Corban Recreation Department. All equipment will be available for check out at the student service desk located on the second floor of at the C.E. Jeffers Sports Center. You will be required to have your student ID card in order to check out the equipment.


Intramurals seeks to engage students in a wide variety of competitive and recreational team leagues, tournaments, events and activities. Traditional competitive league sports, tournaments events is the mark of the Intramural program. In years past the intramural program has successfully engage up to 54% of the student population.

Outdoor Basketball Courts

Rules and User Guidelines

Courts are located on the SE corner of the Sports Center Parking Complex.

Play at your own risk. Basketball hoop are not to be lowered. No hanging on the rim. Courts will close during sports center to make room for parking. Courts will close during the winter season and re-open during fair weather. Balls for checkout are available inside the Sports Center at the Student Fitness Center service desk.

Running Trails:

Students are welcome to access our very own on campus trails. Trails are for running, jogging or walking. All abilities are welcome. Trails open at dawn and close at dusk. The trail system shares some of the same areas as our disc golf course. Beware of flying discs as you run.

Running Vest Check outs:

Students are highly advised to wear colorful and bright colors when running outdoors and more specifically when running on the roads. The CREC dept. has headlamps and vests for checkout. Come by the sports center to find out more about this program.

Disc Golf Course:

Corban University can proudly say that they have their very own 9 hole disc golf course. The course is located on the southernmost part of campus. You can find hole number one, just to the north of our Warriors Baseball field. Are you a novice, intermediate or advanced player? You are all invited to play. The course is played at your own risk. Guests are invited to play at their own risk. Bring your own disc or come by the sports center to check out a disc. Checkout’s are only for students with school ID.

Checkout System:

Need a basketball, volleyball, football, or similar item? Come on by our student fitness center service desk and check out what you need. Bring your student ID as we want to verify who you are. We will ask for your autograph before you take any item away. Bring it back or else, you may see us at your house that same day.


All users, including students and employees are required to sign-in before using the facility. Scanning in is required for the use of the Fitness Center, Intramural events, sports clubs, and open gym use. Students attending athletic practices, HP classes, or any other class for academic purposes, are not required to sign-in during these times.