Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is located in the C.E. Jeffers Sports Center. The Fitness Center is fully equipped with strength and cardio equipment. Our equipment is frequently in use; therefore, we have a first come first serve policy. Current Corban students and employees can make us of the of Fitness Center at no cost.

All users, including students and employees, are required to sign-in when entering the gym.


  • Aerobic: stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills
  • Free weights: Dumbbells with a wide range of weight, barbells
  • Stations with free weights: Bench press (X2), Preacher curl, Squat Bar, Sitting Bench Press Machine
  • Weights: abductor/adductor, deltoid raise, multiple leg press, multiple lat pull down/seated row, multiple seated bench press, tricep pull down, cable pull, multiple leg extension/leg curl, back extension, multiple bicep curl, multiple tricep press, squat rack
  • Other equipment: benches for various uses, boxes for plyometrics/jumping, jump ropes, stability balls, ab wheel, mats, dyna discs, back extension/ab curl station, medicine balls, trampoline (not for jumping, rather for medicine ball tosses and exercises of that nature), Russian chair, pull up/chin up bar.

*Equipment changes regularly so this list is meant to be representative of our typical setup.