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Shawn Hussey

Assistant Professor of Business

B.S. Corban University
M.B.A. Capella University
Ph.D. Capella University

Professional: Teaching responsibilities include finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, and strategy.

Background: He started at Corban in 2010 as an adjunct instructor for the Business and Organizational Leadership (BOL) and transitioned to full-time role within the Hoff School of Business in 2011. In 2014, he assumed the role of chair for the BOL program within the School of Professional Studies. Prior to coming to Corban, he held a position as a lead internal consultant and project manager with IBM.

Affiliations: He is a member of the Christian Business Faculty Association, Evangelical Philosophical Association, Society of Christian Philosophers, and the Center for Creative Leadership.

Family: He married Angie in 1998 and has four children: Elayne, Payton, Reygan and Avleyne.

Interests: He enjoys distance running, mixed martial arts and golf.

Why I choose Corban: “I came to Corban primarily because I believe in the mission and goals of the University and the opportunity we have to change the world around us. In the business world I always wanted to do more to positively influence the results and cultures of organizations. With my role at Corban I believe I can do that on greater scale. I look forward to helping shape the next generation of moral and ethical leaders that will '...make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.’''