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Sarah Comstock

Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Science

B.S. Biola University
Ph.D. Portland State University

I chose to teach at Corban University because of the school’s mission “to educate students to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.” Not only is the university dedicated to student learning in their subject, we also care about the student as a whole. We want to help students mature in their walk with Christ, while also using the gifts God gave them within their specific discipline. The University is dedicated to excellence in education and I am excited to be a part of the process.

Details: My husband is an elementary school teacher in our home town, Sublimity. We have one adopted son from Haiti and we are in the process of adopting again from Ghana. To find out more about our adoption process, go to and subscribe!

Ministry Experience and Involvement: I currently attend Grace Bible Fellowship in Stayton where I am involved in and help lead children’s ministries, community outreach and missions. Short-term mission work to Puebla, Mexico and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Here at Corban I am the faculty sponsor and leader of our annual short term medical mission trip to Haiti; we take Health Science students and local physicians and nurses to minister through medical clinics in the areas surrounding Port-au-Prince.

Teaching: Laboratory instructor at Portland State University and Corban University in Life Science, Annatomy and Physiology, and Chemisty. Assistant Professor at Corban University in Life Science, Advanced Physiology, and Cell and Molecular Biology.

Education: Undergraduate degree from Biola University in Biology with a minor in Biblical Studies. Doctorate of Philosophy in Biology from Portland State University with research at Oregon Health and Science University with specific emphasis on the development of the fetal and infant pancreas in a maternal obesity model of Japanese macaques.

Research: 10 years of National Institute of Health funded research at Oregon Health and Science University involving the effects of maternal obesity and high fat diet consumption on the metabolic health of fetal and young, post-natal Japanese macaques (Japanese Snow Monkeys).


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