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Michael T. Miller

Associate Professor of Mathematics

B.S. Corban University
M.S. Oregon State University

Professional: Professor Miller is quick to tell you that the God of the universe is an amazing mathematician, and he offers his students at Corban the unique experience of studying mathematics as the discovery of God’s awesome power and design.

Professor Miller’s unique programs for graphing calculators are posted on the Texas Instruments website and have been downloaded by more than 65,000 high school and college students. His “Instructor’s Texas Instrument Calculator Manual” has been published for three editions of Linear Algebra and Its Applications by David C. Lay, and he has graded AP Calculus exams since 2001.

Personal: Mike and his wife, Katie, met as freshmen at Corban and married in 1993. They now have two children, Morgan and Randall, and a dog, Sam. Mike is easily recognizable on campus, as he is known for wearing Hawaiian shirts to class. In the spring semester of 2015, he pulled off the “Perfect Semester,” wearing a distinct Hawaiian shirt for each day of class. In the summer of 2007, Mike designed and served as the general contractor of his house.

Why Corban: “Corban is all I’ve ever known. My dad had been teaching here for six years when I was born. After graduating from Corban, they let me teach a couple classes while getting my master’s degree. I’ve never owned a pair of shoes that wasn’t paid for by Corban students’ tuition.”