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Encountering the Past, Preparing for the Future

From the time of the ancient Greek historians, Herodotus and Thucydides, studying the human experience has been a compelling endeavor. History remains a vital field of inquiry, offering much insight on the modern human condition by linking our contemporary world to the past. The profound lessons of history involve much more than a chronology of names, dates, and events. Rather, students are challenged to memorize information, analyze theories, and draw reasoned conclusions, placing historical events within certain contexts. Ultimately, they are enabled to effectively interpret the past and explain its significance, even unto the present day.

As Christian scholars, we also seek to integrate faith and knowledge in ways that glorify our Creator. In essence, we must be more than scholars who happen to be Christians. Rather, we favor a more holistic vision of our faith, measuring historically significant events and ideas through a Christian lens and offering a biblical worldview critique when necessary. In doing so, the Christian historian may impart a more complete picture of God's impact in the world, making vital connections between God's redemptive mercy and grace in the lives of previous generations and His continued fulfilling presence in our own time.

Career possibilities are numerous for students of history. After commencement, history majors will be prepared for either graduate study or other career service depending upon professional requirements. Though not limited to the following, these include:

Historian (Higher Education Faculty)

Historian (Park Service - State or National)

Historian (Independent Researcher and Writer)

Museum Director (e.g. State Historical Society)

Government or Corporate Researcher/Archivist

Diplomatic Corps

Intelligence Analyst (e.g. CIA or NSA)


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