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Life in Uganda: How God put me here and what He’s doing

Paul Dunlap, a junior Health Science major, is currently interning at a hospital in Uganda with the Best Semester program. I remember starting my second semester of my sophomore year with the decision not to go to Uganda. Yet, people in conversations that didn’t have any relation to Uganda would...
November 06

October Print Edition 2018

The October print edition covers the importance of voting and Oregon candidates for governor, the reason for Student Life budget cuts, the upcoming fall play and more.
November 01

Jeremy Drake claims the victory in second annual ‘Spell or Die’ competition

Hundreds of students gathered to watch Jeremy Drake outlast 15 PVG residents during the second annual “Spell or Die” competition in the dorm lobby on Sept. 27. Eyes clenched shut from the audience when the ultimate prize was handed to him: a pie to smash in the face of his RA. Natasha Wilson turns...
October 30

‘Ride the stick horse’: John Hagala masters breaking out of comfort zone

“Ride the stick horse,” John Hagala’s dad’s advice echoed in his mind. “Just ride the stick horse, son.” John, a freshman at the time, ran down the hill from his new dorm. He could see the light of The Klatch below him and hear the tone of conversation. What better time to use his skills than now?...
October 26

Criminal charges against Vance Day dismissed

All criminal charges were dropped on the second day of the trial for Vance Day, former Marion County Judge and former adjunct professor of Political Science at Corban. The trial began Monday with jury selection but the state moved to dismiss the charges when an unnamed key witness refused to...
October 24

Carol leaves behind 10-year legacy in mailroom

Carol Kruse locked the mailroom door for the last time on Aug. 23 after 10 years as a Corban employee. “It was not an easy choice to make,” Kruse said, “but it seemed that this was where God was nudging me to go.” The following day would be the start of her new job as a teacher for 20 pre-schoolers...
October 16

Will dorm sectionals be moved to mornings?

Student Life experimented with a new meeting time for the mandatory dorm-wide meetings on Monday Oct. 1. Chapel was canceled and all dorm residents gathered and participated in the activities usually planned monthly for 10 p.m. “We were curious to see how the trial run goes and if students like it...
October 15

The Lumberjack Games: A syrup-sweet victory

A sea of flannels and cardboard signs flooded a muddy, log-strewn field. Syrup-filled buckets sat in place, axes were sharpened and a bright spotlight lit up the forested arena. Then came the teams. The cheering of the crowd grew louder as four waves of flannel-clad men approached the field. The...
October 14

Nike campaign with Kaepernick sparks controversy

Nike has claimed Colin Kaepernick as the new face of their brand, sparking controversy. Kaepernick, former football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and recent advocate against police brutality and racism, caused debate when he first knelt during the national anthem before a football game...
October 09