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New Syndicate game introduces intricate version of tag between dorms

“Syndicate forced me to use my strategic side, which was a challenging but refreshing change of pace from HVZ,” said Anna Benjamin, a Syndicate participant. “With some adjusting, I think this game has some real potential to become integrated into the Corban culture.” The first Syndicate — created...
February 20

‘Greatest Showman’ dazzles despite being unrealistic

This story first appeared in the January 2018 edition of The Hilltop. Who was the man behind the Barnum and Bailey Circus? You won’t necessarily find an accurate depiction in Michael Gracey’s, “The Greatest Showman.” Critiqued for its unrealistic portrayal of Phineas Taylor Barnum, played by Hugh...
February 15

POLL: Biggest concern about new housing policy?

The new housing policy has raised a variety of concerns from students. The Hilltop would like to hear from you.
February 15

Marty and Linda Trammell: How it all began

Humanities Chair Marty Trammell remembers the beginning of his love with his wife, Linda. Adapted from a transcribed interview. Linda and I traveled on a ministry team for the university, singing in churches, camps and Christian schools. She was dating my RA who was on the road with the 13 of us...
February 15

One raspberry sundae and 53 years later

This Valentine’s Day, our own Jim Hills recounts his first date with his wife, Bonnie. We had met at a freshman activity, but nothing came of that. I don’t like those activities and was glad when I could escape. I’d been forced into conversation with this girl as part of some sort...
February 13

Students respond to new housing policy designed to increase on-campus residency

Housing policy concerns prompted ASB to lead a forum with VP of Student Life Brenda Roth and Dean of Students Nathan Geer on Jan. 24. The new policy — which will require freshmen, sophomores and juniors to live on campus — that will go into effect for the 2018-19 school year is an attempt to bring...
February 08

Corban Hosts 10 College Students from South Korea

This story first appeared in the January 2018 edition of The Hilltop. This past week, Corban had the opportunity to host 10 students from Cheong Ju National University of Education in South Korea. The students stayed in the dorms for four days, from Jan. 27 to 31. The students spent most of their...
February 06

Mr. VG 2018

Photo by Michaela Sanderson IMG_6729 Photo by Michaela Sanderson IMG_6738 Photo by Michaela Sanderson IMG_6744 Photo by Michaela Sanderson IMG_6747 Photo by Michaela Sanderson IMG_6768 Photo by Michaela Sanderson IMG_6771 Photo by Michaela Sanderson IMG_6779 Photo by Michaela Sanderson IMG_6786...
February 05

January Print Edition 2018

The January print edition covers the Students for Life club’s presence at the ‘March for Life,’ the Mr. VG competition, the South Korean students who visited campus and more...
February 01