The TrueNorth Corps

The phrase “True North” is a reference to the supreme purpose of God in the world, namely, to redeem people from all nations for His glory. The TrueNorth Corps exists to help students, faculty and staff to align their life dreams and passion with God’s purpose in the world. The TrueNorth Corps is seeking ways to serve, inform, and challenge the Corban community to passionately pursue His purposes in the world for His glory.

The TrueNorth Corps helps to serve the Corban community in the following ways:

  • Helping to organize and facilitate Corban’s annual “World Outreach Week” (W.O.W.)
  • Promote prayer and interest in reaching the nations through regular “student organization chapels.”
  • Organize student involvement in the annual Mission ConneXion Conference held in the Portland area.
  • Organize the annual “Breakaway” (student retreat) held on the Oregon coast.
  • Organize and promote our annual "Summer of Service" (S.O.S.) missions trips beginning in May each year.
  • Promotes and facilitates other Great Commision-related events throughout the year for students, faculty and staff.