Marketing & Communications

"He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end."

Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV)


Corporate Branding

Project Timelines

When will you get your project?

Here is an estimate of turnaround time:

  • Copy jobs: Usually within 2 days, or on the day requested (depends on complexity, quantity and when project was submitted – advance notice is best). These are preformatted, ready to print with no design or layout needed from our department. Note that electronic PDF files are best to print your project and they can be emailed or brought on a flash drive to our office. As always, you can stop in any time to make institutional black and white copies in our copy center. Color copies can also be made at competitive prices.
  • Printed projects:
    • Please submit projects with a minimum of 3 weeks notice of when project is needed.
    • Design and layout should be minimum 1 week up to 2 weeks for both on and off-campus printed projects. This can change depending on busy production times. Design plus printing time ranges from 3-4 weeks, but depends on the project.
    • When printing off-campus, printing time alone is averaged at 2 weeks. Off-campus printing is selected for projects of higher quantity, complexity and quality of printing.
    • When printing on-campus, printing time alone can be from 3-5 days. This can change drastically depending on quantity, complexity and date of request.
  • Web projects:
    • Simple text and photo changes and adding links are usually done within a week. This can vary depending on workload and complexity.
    • Adding web pages can take several weeks depending on complexity.
    • Creating online forms can take several weeks depending on complexity.

When are our busy production times?

The busiest time of year for our department is mid-July through September and then again from March to May. There are highs and lows in-between so our suggestion is to get the request to us as soon as possible, especially during these times.

Why didn't I get my project when I wanted it?

Please keep in mind that the Office of Marketing & Communications serves the entire University. Projects that are submitted within the policies on this page are given priority service. Those that do not comply with these policies are subject to delay in production and/or cancellation of the project. It is in the best interest of the University overall that these policies are followed as closely as possible in order to be the most effective. We understand there are times where situations are out of our control. Please contact us to discuss a project if the timeframe is shorter than those stated above.

Every project is unique. If you have questions or special circumstances for your project request, please discuss them with us. Contact or call 503-375-7157.