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Master of Divinity

Are you a Christian looking for leadership training for the 21st century?

One of the hallmarks of Corban University has been its dedicated mission to educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.

Corban University School of Ministry’s goal is to help you become the most effective leader possible for Christ.

The CUSM faculty is known for their devotion to accurate biblical exegesis and solid Christian theology. The faculty not only enhances that exegesis and theology training, but their faculty displays their expertise in missions, women’s ministry, preaching, and student and family ministries. If you want biblical depth and future reach in your ministry, you want the Corban University School of Ministry.

With the creative use of modular and online delivery methods, we want to take ministry training to the ministry front.


Program Benefits


Program Outcomes

Admission Requirements

Program Costs

Financial Aid



Program Benefits


  • Finish your M.Div. in just three years (85 semester credits)
  • Start in any semester (fall, spring)
  • Move easily into the CUSM Doctor of Ministry program
  • Remain active in your current ministry without relocating
  • Combine a flexible mixture of modules, online and on-campus classes
  • Located in proximity of the Seattle airport
  • Frequent, personal contact with faculty and staff


  • Payment plans are available upon request
  • Federal Financial Aid and VA benefits are accepted
  • Audit classes for a fraction of the cost
  • The total cost for the Master of Divinity program is a little over $33,500.


  • Study under professors from various ministry backgrounds and educational specialties
  • Receive training in multiple subject areas
  • Choose from several tracks
  • Interact with classmates in various ministry fields

Corban University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). This level of accreditation allows students to be eligible for federal financial aid and allows credits and degrees to be transferred to other regionally accredited universities and seminaries.


Biblical Languages (PDF)
Church Ministry (PDF)

Program Outcomes

The two Master of Divinity degree concentrations are designed to train ministers who will serve as senior pastors, teaching pastors, missionaries, church planters and similar vocations. The Master of Divinity provides depth of study in Bible and theology as well as the additional training in cross-cultural awareness, counseling and ministry philosophy. Both the church ministry and biblical language concentrations provide the educational base to pursue a Doctor of Ministry degree.

Students who complete the Master of Divinity degree will demonstrate competency in:

Biblical understanding as demonstrated in the ability to:

  • Understand and be committed to the Bible as the supreme authority by which all human knowledge is evaluated.
  • Accurately interpret the Bible within its historical, cultural, and, geographical background.
  • Exegete the biblical texts using personal competency and technological tools in original languages.

Systematic theology as demonstrated in the ability to:

  • Explain, defend, and consistently apply systematic theology within any cultural context.
  • Develop, demonstrate, and promote a coherent Christian worldview grounded in systematic theology.
  • Engage constructively in critical examination of theological claims.
  • Gain insight, wisdom and inspiration from church history and the development of Christian beliefs.
  • Write a well-expressed doctrinal statement on the essential doctrines of evangelical orthodoxy and respond satisfactorily to the senior oral examination.

Christian formation as demonstrated in the ability to:

  • Articulate a theology of spiritual transformation that takes into account the significance and implications of our union with Christ, the centrality of the cross and the sinful dynamics at work in the depraved human heart.
  • Cultivate personal sustainable Christian practices and disciplines that are rooted deeply in a knowledge of and dependence upon God’s transforming grace.
  • Integrate spiritually formative principles and practices throughout the church’s ministries.
  • Understand the Biblical model for the Christian home, including a practical understanding of how husbands and wives are to relate to one another, helping each spouse to understand and respect the other, how to maintain and grow a healthy relationship of love and regard for their respective roles, strengthen their commitment to their marriage, and how to be effective parents, balancing love for the children with Biblical, loving discipline.

Christian ministry as demonstrated in the ability to:

  • Know themselves in light of a more profound knowledge of God and identify how they have been shaped and prepared by God for an optimal role in furthering His purposes.
  • Design and convey a philosophy of ministry that is informed by Scripture and culture and intent on directing the church in fulfilling its mission.
  • Communicate Scripture clearly and accurately in both public proclamation and personal counseling.
  • Perform ministry responsibilities at a professional level with humility and integrity.
  • Gain a knowledge of and appreciation for the vast and variegated expressions of Christian ministry throughout the world.

Global outreach of the Gospel as demonstrated in the ability to:

  • Communicate the gospel and its relevance effectively to those in one’s culture as well as to those of other cultures.
  • Promote the mission of God’s redemptive purpose for all people of the world.
  • Demonstrate awareness of one’s cultural worldview for the sake of effective gospel ministry in other cultures.

Effective research for theology and ministry as demonstrated in the ability to:

  • Locate, evaluate and synthesize information from a wide variety of paper and electronic sources and utilize the information for improving biblical and theological thinking and ministry practice.


Admission Requirements

In keeping with the standards of Corban University School of Ministry and its accrediting agency, NWCCU (Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities), individuals seeking admission should meet the following requirements:

Academic Requirements
Degree: Applicants must possess an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. (See Provisos below)
Aptitude: Applicants must have the ability to do graduate work.

Institutional Requirements
Doctrine: Applicants must be in essential agreement with the doctrinal position of the seminary.
Application: Applicants must provide all the normal and necessary enrollment information including transcripts, personal background information, and references.

Should you have any questions regarding your peculiar academic or personal circumstances that appear in conflict with the admission requirements listed above, please contact Admissions 1-800-845-3005.

Program Costs

The total tuition cost for the Master of Divinity program is a little over $33,500. Tuition is paid by semester or a payment plan.
Application Fee: $50 paid once with initial application
Technology Fee: $40 per term
Enrollment Deposit: $200 (due after acceptance)
Tuition: $395 per credit hour (85 credits = $33,575)
(Fees subject to change)

Financial Aid

Students enrolled in Corban University’s graduate programs (excluding the D.Min. and Th.M. Certificate programs) may be eligible to receive up to $10,250 in Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford loans each semester. For more information contact the Financial Aid Office at 503-375-7006 or

Military (VA) Benefits (Yellow Ribbon Program) – CUSM will cover 50% of costs that exceed regular VA benefits. For details on benefits you may be eligible for, please contact your local military office or visit the following website: For additional questions, you can also contact the VA directly at 1-888-442-4551 or the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board at 360-753-7868 (

The Church/Organization Matching Scholarship – The CUSM Church/Organization Matching Scholarship was developed to encourage churches and organizations to provide corporate scholarship support for their students involved in Christian higher education. For students taking at least nine credits, CUSM will match 50% of a church/organization contribution up to $500 per year.

More Information

Karen Pease, Director of Admissions - School of Ministry
253-759-6104 x100 or 1-877-311-6104

Download informational brochure here (PDF)