Tuition and Fees

Corban attempts to keep the expense of securing a Christian education as affordable as possible. The actual cost of instruction is greater than what the student pays. The university receives support from individuals, churches, and foundations who share in providing this quality education. Student costs are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees or Administrative Team.   

Below is a partial list of current tuition rates, deposits, and fees.  For a complete list of all program costs, please see the current Corban University Catalog. As you register, the fee associated with each course will be visible on the Student Information Services (SIS) website. These fees will appear on your student account when the semester is billed.  If you would like to view a personalized financial statement for the entire school year (Balance Estimator), please contact Financial Services at or (503) 375-7030.

Tuition per Credit Hour - 2018-2019

Traditional Undergraduate
Online Undergraduate Program
MBA Graduate School Tuition499.00
Graduate Education (M.S. Ed & GTL)520.00
Clinical Mental Health Program (MAC)520.00
School of Ministry MA Tuition395.00
School of Ministry IBLT Certificate Completers225.00
School of Ministry MDiv Tuition415.00
Early Admit/Dual Credit/Audit/Credit for Prior Learning65.00
Study Abroad ProgramPer Program

Undergrad Tuition Package

Tuition Package Credits
12–18 Credit Hours
Tuition Package Rate Per Semester
Overload per credit rate above 18 hours

Room and Meal Plan Cost Per Semester

Room Rate
Meal Plans
*Access 7 Premium
*Access 5 Premium
*Access 7
*Access 5
§ Cash Value Plan 1
§ Cash Value Plan 2
§ Cash Value Plan 3
* A meal plan is required for all Residents. Premium plans include additional Warrior Dollars.
§ Available for commuters and Townhouse residents only.

Additional Fees and Costs*

Application Fee40.00
Athletic Participation Fee150.00
Clinical Placement Fee (varies)300 - 775
Course Change Registration Fee10.00
Course Fees (fees listed under the course description in the current catalog)Variable
Credit for Prior Learning Application Fee100.00
Enrollment Fee150.00
Enrollment Deposit (Online Undergraduate Only)100.00
Enrollment Deposit (Graduate Programs Only)200.00
Graduation Fee (non-refundable)140.00
Graduate Program Application Fee50.00
Housing Deposit (Undergraduate Only)100.00
Human Performance Fees (varies by course)15 - 350
Independent Directed Study Fee300.00
Private Music Lessons (varies by course and credit hours)341-391
Readmission Fee10.00
Rescheduling Final Exam (per exam)25.00
Science Lab Fee60.00
Student Activity Fee (per semester for students taking more than 6 credit hours)330.00
Student Program Association Fees (varies by major/minor)10-85
Technology Fee (Graduate and Online Studies Only)40.00
Transcript Fee10.00
Tuition Deposit (Undergraduate Only)200.00
*This is a partial list of fees and deposits.  For a complete list, see the current Corban University Catalog.