Student Account Refund

Refer to your program below to learn how your refund will be processed:

Traditional Undergraduate Program

Refund eligible credit balances greater than $10.00 will be sent to you by check via campus mail (or, in the case of a PLUS Loan to your parent via US mail) within 14 days after classes begin. If you would like the funds to remain on your account or to reduce your loan amount, you may sign and return the check to the Financial Services Office with your request. You will be notified via Corban email if you have a refund less than $10.00 that needs to be picked up in cash from the Financial Services Office during business hours.

Online Undergraduate or Graduate Programs

Financial aid is applied to accounts the week following the last day to add/drop courses (refer to your program’s academic calendar for specific dates). If you have a refund eligible credit, an email will be sent to your Corban address listing the options of returning funds to the lender (if applicable), holding the credit for future costs (if eligible), or delivering the check to you (or, in the case of a PLUS Loan to your parent) via mail or pick up. If we do not hear back from you, credits generated by financial aid or loans will be refunded by check and mailed to your address on record within 14 days from disbursement.

Please refer to the Corban University Catalog for additional details regarding withdrawals, course cancellations, and other refund related questions.