Youth Ministries Intern


Evangelical Bible Church


Dallas, OR


Job Title: Youth Ministries Intern

Employer: Evangelical Bible Church

Contact Information: Ben Bedlion at 541-948-5649 or

Address: 1175 SE Howe St., Dallas OR, 97338

Web Site:

Job Location: Dallas, OR

Job Type: Internship

Application Materials Needed: Job Application 

Job Description:

We are looking for people serve as interns in our middle school or high school programs. Each program would have a bit of a different spin on the internship and could be adjusted based on the individuals schedule and needs.

We are looking for a commitment of 2 (school) years with responsibilities gradually increasing over that stretch. Ideally, we want people who desire to serve in church ministry moving forward and have a desire to teach/facilitate groups.

The commitment includes:

  • Regular church attendance
  • Commitment to Sunday school
  • Commitment to weekly youth group rogram (either high school or middle school depending on internship)
  • Bi-weekly meetings with the youth pastor - can be done at Corban
  • Willingness to discuss and take on responsibilities as decided upon together based on schedule, gifting, and desires.

Financial compensation can be discussed as the intern progresses, but is based largely on our church budget. At this time, we cannot offer any financial assistance, but can give much experience to those interested.


Responsibilities would change over time based on on schedule, gifting, and desires - as stated in the job description.

To begin with, the responsibility of the intern would primarily be to be present at youth programs and events, church services, and meetings with Pastor Ben - in order to build trust and relationships with students and others.

As the weeks progress, the responsibilities given out will be related to tasks in preparation for the weekly evening youth group and Sunday school.

The intern will work with and learn from Pastor Ben with these tasks and, based on gifting, schedule, and desires, certain tasks may be handed over completely to the intern. These responsibilities may include:

  • Youth group/Sunday school set-up
  • Game planning and leading
  • Music worship participation or leadership (if desired by the intern - not a requirement!)
  • Teaching prep and execution for big and small groups
  • Administration tasks such as event promotion and planning and student/leader follow-up.
  • Planning and praying together
  • Other related tasks

If the intern shows a commitment and true gifting and desire, an opportunity to oversee one of these ministries completely may be given.


  • Have a growing relationship with Jesus.
  • Have a desire to serve in church ministry
  • Humility - have a desire and willingness to learn and have a teachable attitude.
  • Like students (not just love students, but actually "like" students)
  • Have a heart for youth ministry and the church.
  • A willingness to try new things

Things that help, but are NOT required:

  • Experience being in or serving in a youth ministry
  • Musical ability is welcome
  • Teaching experience


Closing Date: 

Wednesday, 19 December 2018