Worship Director


Sonlight Community Christian Reformed Church


Lynden, WA


Job Title: Worship Director 

Employer: Sonlight Community Christian Reformed Church 

Contact Information: Connie Kooi at 360-354-3434 or jobopportunities@sonlightchurch.com 

Address: 8800 Bender Road, Lynden, WA 98264

Web Site: https://www.sonlightchurch.com/

Job Location: Lynden, WA

Job Type: Full-time 

Application Materials Needed: https://www.sonlightchurch.com/application

Job Description:

  • Sonlight Community Christian Reformed Church is seeking a full-time worship director. 
  • The gospel is the heartbeat of Sonlight Church. 
  • It is where we find our identity. 
  • It is what motivates us to love our neighbors. 
  • It is what frees us to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. 
  • Simply stated: We love the gospel. 
  • For more information go to https://www.sonlightchurch.com/worship-director
  • Please send inquiries/applications by