Student Director

Willow Spring Church
Moraga, CA


Job Title: Student Director (Grades 6th – 12th, Jr./Sr. High) 

Employer: Willow Spring Church
Reports To: Senior Pastor Employment Status: Part-time hourly (15 hours average per week) 
Mission: The mission of the Student Director is to equip a growing number of parents and volunteers to create a community of students and young adults who are bringing Jesus’ hope to an imperfect world. 
Spiritual Gifts:

  • Shepherding - A deep love and desire to care for people, specifically students and young adults and a desire to spend time with them.
  • Teaching - The ability to take the timeless truth of scripture and communicate it in a way that is practical and relevant to students.
  • Administration - the ability to create the systems and organizational structures that support ministry beyond what any one person is capable of doing.  


  • Has a college Bachelor’s degree and quantifiable experience in student ministry supported by three relevant references.
  • Inspires Action – You have a natural infectious style that inspires others to jump into whatever you’re doing with both feet.
  • Develops people – Every person you meet oozes potential and you can’t wait to help them develop their God-given abilities. Develops youth interns, volunteers and leaders.
  • Executes Excellence – You don’t just have big ideas, you bring people and resources together to execute the details that make good ideas great experiences.
  • Celebrates Diversity – Jesus loves the little children of the world just isn’t a song, it’s a reality you celebrate in your home, neighborhood, church, and community.
  • Does-life with un-engaged neighbors. 

Essential Job Functions:

  • Be an active Christ-follower and contributing member of Willow which is your church home.
  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus committed to personal growth, servant leadership, healthy relationships, and being one in spirit with the Willow Leadership.
  • Model a loving, healthy and Christ-like example in your marriage.
  • Develop communication skill by speaking in the adult services at least quarterly. and perform ministry duties such as home and hospital visitations, and counseling as directed by the Senior Pastor.
  • Recruit and develop adult small group leaders, administrators, teachers, artists, and social media communicators.
  • Oversee the administration of retreats, camps, conferences, and service projects and all engage experiences.
  • Insure clear communication with students and parents.  
  • Create compelling weekly (Recharge, Youth Club, Sunday service) and occasional environments for students equipping them to invite others.    
  • Execute three annual buzz worthy, unforgettable events that invite students in our community to experience a taste of life in God’s kingdom. 
  • Create a compelling vision that energizes parents, leaders, and volunteers to work together to make the next generation of disciples.
  • Invest relationally in the lives of students and parents outside of structured Willow venues at games, school campuses, community events, and places like Starbucks challenging them to take a NEXT STEP at Willow (twice weekly).  
  • Inspire and equip at least five high-capacity volunteers through a weekly growth group for 9-18 months who will invest their lives in making the next generation of disciples in students.
  • Work with the Finance Committee in budgeting and expending funds for the Student Ministry.  

Staff Values

  • Team above individual: There will be times where one ministry or department has to sacrifice in order for the whole church to thrive. We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about their department but is even more passionate about the welfare of the whole church.  
  • Go the extra mile: While each staff member has a specific job description, there will be times when it’s “all hands on deck” During those times or season we want staff that will help each other out and work to see something succeed.
  • Laugh together:  We spend many hours together and are a team that actually likes being around each other. Life is too short to work alongside people who don’t enjoy each other’s company. Therefore, we prioritize staff relationships and the ability to laugh and have fun together.
  • Practice our core competencies: While everyone is different, we are committed to three things: being humble, hungry, and smart. It’s impossible to have a healthy church staff culture if those three things are missing as a team or as an individual. Humble is about recognizing others and acknowledging their contributions. It’s a lack of self-centeredness and ego. Hungry means being passionate for the mission of Willow. You don’t have to be outwardly motivated because you are internally motivated to see the mission lived out. You aren’t looking for how to get out of work or do less. You are enthusiastic about seeing Jesus’ Hope come to everyone in LaMorinda. Smart is being relationally intelligent, you can work well with others and recognize how you come across to other people. You speak but you also listen. You lead, but people don’t feel ignored or used by you. 

To apply please send a resume and cover letter to Randi Ryness at Also attach a video of you teaching students. Deadline for applying is April 15th, 2019.   Once your resume has been received you will be sent a confirmation. Only candidates selected for further review will be contacted about the next steps in the process which will be phone/Skype interviews. (No phone calls please) 
Willow Website:


Closing Date: 
Monday, 15 April 2019