Spanish Tutor


Local Family


Salem, OR


Job Title: Spanish Tutor

Employer: Local Family

Contact Information: Elizabeth Marshall at 503-930-5025 or

Address: 5620 Cinnamon Teal St, SE Salem, OR 97306

Job Location: Salem, OR

Salary/Wages: $15-20/ hour

Job Type: Part-time

Application Materials Needed: References

Job Description:

"I am looking for a fluent Spanish speaker to come spend time and play with my kids. There will be another person there responsible for the children so all you have to do is play while speaking Spanish!  Kids are twin 5yos (boy/girl)  and 3yo boy. Hours will be flexible but ideally looking for 1-2 hours per week around 4PM after kids are out of school. Tutoring will not be formal but more like an immersion activity."


  • Play with kids
  • Speak Spanish during play
  • Read books in Spanish


  • Fluent Spanish speaker
  • Good with children
  • Prefer babysitting or childcare experience