Senior Pastor

Western Avenue Baptist Church
Brawley, CA


Western Avenue Baptist Church (WABC) is seeking a Senior Pastor who will represent the biblical and cultural values of the church and its community.  The church is located in Brawley, California, seventy miles southeast of Palm Springs and 132 miles east of San Diego. This is a rich farm belt; winter vegetables are grown here as well as many seed crops. Cattle rank the top in annual earnings at $534 million with the total of all agriculture earnings for 2012 at $1.89 billion. 
The population is growing with new housing projects recently built. We have ample shopping with both a Vons and a new Walmart. There are two state prisons in our county and a major meat packing plant in Brawley. The population of Brawley is estimated at almost 26,000 and all of Imperial County is estimated at about 145,000. Mexicali, Mexico, a city of over one million, is 35 miles south of Brawley. 
57% percent of the city is adults over 18 years of age. 33% are school-age children, while 10% are preschool age and below. The median age is 31.8 years. The ethnic distribution of Imperial County is 16.43% Caucasian, 80.94% Hispanic/Latino, 1.58% African American, and 1.05% others. 

WABC was started on May 18, 1947 and incorporated on January 28, 1952. We are affiliated with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC). Initial construction of the worship and classroom facilities at our present site was completed in the 1960s. A new 15,000 sq. ft. worship facility, with classrooms and offices, was completed in March of 2007. The sanctuary has a seating capacity of 350. The Church has recently completed construction of a 12,000+ square foot multipurpose building. The church has no outstanding debt and the cost of the new construction has been paid in full. 
The church uses a blended music and worship style with a praise team leading the worship service. There is a strong emphasis on pulpit ministry, Bible teaching, cultivation of love for one another, and good administration. 
Attendance records for 2018 saw an average of 194 on Sunday morning and 33 on Sunday evening. Sunday school had an average of 61. The high for the year was Easter Sunday with 351 attendees.  
Ministries include a very active Awana program, a strong Teen Ministry, a mid-week Bible Study. 

Actively Lead
– The Pastor will actively lead the congregation to develop maturity in Christ and to increase the effectiveness of the church by utilizing its resources and emphasizing its distinctive talents and gifts in the community. To develop spiritual understanding, Western Avenue Baptist Church is looking for a mature man of God who will clearly preach the Word using careful explanation and application, which are meaningful to the listening congregation. 
Provide Clear Vision
– To increase the effectiveness of the church the Pastor must provide a clear vision in order to motivate its members to reach its community. The Pastor needs to clearly communicate this vision to the entire congregation. He must oversee the strategic planning which shows how this vision is to be implemented.  
Be Rooted in Scripture and Prayer – The Senior Pastor must be a man who consistently studies the Word of God and spends time in prayer, He should encourage passionate obedience to Christ in the lives of people by maintaining the Scriptures as his source and subject of preaching, teaching, and discipleship. 
Be An Effective Communicator – The Senior Pastor will endeavor to stir the lives of individuals of all ages to change and grow in Christ-likeness by leading in worship creatively and practically. His preaching will be sensitive to the diverse needs of the individuals and families in the Brawley area, with an awareness of relevant issues. 
Be A Discipler, Visionary Leader and Team Builder – The Senior Pastor will energetically follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in seeking God’s plan to develop spiritual maturity in the body of Christ worshiping at WABC. In seeking God’s direction, he will provide vision, leadership, administration and training to the core ministries of children, youth, adults, families and seniors, focusing on uniting the entire church in ministry to Christ’s Kingdom.. 

Support Baptist Values – The Senior Pastor will continue to carry on the practice of our Baptist values and principles through accurate presentation of Biblical information and doctrines. He will be in agreement with WABC Church Covenant and Statement of Faith; abiding by the Constitution and By-Laws. 
The Deacon’s will review applications, check references, and contact selective candidates for further interviews. Prospective candidates should read this entire package and familiarize themselves with the information presented. 
 A formal application/questionnaire is provided in this package. Candidates are encouraged to fill out and return the application to: 
Western Avenue Baptist Church 555 North Western Avenue Brawley, CA  92227

  •  Please provide a current resume along with the questionnaire.
  • A place to list three references is included on the application. All reference information should include telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Please include a sermon tape, CD, DVD, or video with the questionnaire.
  • Prospective candidates will be asked to participate in a telephone interview with the Deacons and other church members as appropriate.
  • A candidate under consideration will be invited to visit Western Avenue, fill the pulpit and participate in a question and answer time with the Deacon’s and the congregation.
  • The candidate, upon the approval of the Deacon’s, may then be invited back for a weekend of meetings after which a formal recommendation will be made to the congregation for ratification. 

Thank you for your interest in the position of Senior Pastor at Western Avenue Baptist Church. Please complete these forms as thoroughly as possible.  

Closing Date: 
Thursday, 6 June 2019