Senior Pastor


Valley Bible Church


Shafter, CA


Job Title: Senior Pastor

Employer: Valley Bible Church

Contact Information: Melany Millwee at 661-333-1529 or

Address: 350 Pine Street, Shafter, CA 93263

Web Site:

Job Location: Shafter, CA

Job Type: Full-time

Application Materials Needed:

  • Resume
  •  Doctrinal Statement
  • The Gospel in your own words

Job Description:

The Pastor function/responsibilities are divided into five general categories.  Some may demand more time and energy than others, but each is vital to the overall pastoral ministry.

1) Preaching Teaching Ministry:  Proclaiming God’s Word through the preaching/teaching ministry is a fundamental role of the Pastor.  It should include a thorough knowledge of the Word of God, a consistent presentation of the Gospel and invitation to join the family of God, expository messages that reveal the truth of God’s Word, practical applications of Scriptural principles to individual lives and exhortation and edification of the believer.  Sufficient attention should be given to the planning of the various worship services and other aspects of the preaching/teaching ministry so as to insure their desired outcomes.

2) Pastor/Shepherd Ministry:  This role is significant in that it involves many in the church and it requires availability and involvement in the organization, leadership, oversight and evaluation of this vital aspect of ministry.  General areas of this ministry are prayer, visitation, counseling, caring, fellowship, evangelism, availability to church family and discipleship.

3) Leadership:  The Pastor will provide leadership and advice to the Board of Elders and to the church in general on the direction, programming, implementation and evaluation of the various aspects of church ministry and programs.

4) Administration:  The Pastor will plan, organize and administer the overall church program through long range planning, calendar of events and coordination of activities of the various lay boards and committees.  The Pastor will supervise and evaluate church staff as well as manage the day to day activities of the church office.

5) Community Activities:  The Pastor will participate in the Shafter Ministerial Association and work with other evangelicals in the community to promote the cause of Christ through cooperative efforts.  We want our Pastor be a part of and to be actively involved in the community of Shafter.


The Pastor needs to lead and oversee all church ministry.  This includes reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; teaching people the truth of scripture; bringing to maturity their understanding, faith and obedience to God; caring for people through mutual encouragement and support of each member; sharing the Gospel throughout the world through cooperation and support of various missionary enterprises.


The Pastor should have a thorough knowledge of the Word of God.  He needs to be a clear communicator in the evangelism of the unbelieving and in the teaching and edification of those believing in Jesus Christ.  The Pastor needs to have good interpersonal skills and be able to relate to and have relationships with those of all ages.  He needs to have a servant’s heart in his love and care for the sheep placed under his care and for the lost in his community.



Closing Date: 

Thursday, 17 January 2019