Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church
Tukwila, WA


Job Title: Pastor

Employer: Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church

Contact Information: Jenny McCoy, Office Manager, at or 206-243-4455

Website: 206-243-4455

Address: 14401 56th Avenue South, Tukwila, Washington 98168

Job Description:

Congregation Size:  89 Covenant Partners, 10-15 communicants (non-members)

Average Sunday Worship Attendance:  65-70

Children’s Education:  4-6

Mid- Week Youth Group Ministry:  20 

Adult Education:  35 (Sunday AM Class, mid-week Small Groups, and Bible Studies)

2018 Income: Approximately $180,000

2018 Mission Giving: Approximately $35,500

Full-Time Staff: Pastor

Part-Time Staff: Office Manager, Youth Director, Custodian, and Worship Coordinator

The Call Senior Pastor – Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church

The Individual: Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church (Foster) is seeking a new pastor who is sensing the Lord's call to shepherd our congregation. We desire someone who is actively growing in their faith through daily prayer and Bible study, who will lead us with sound Biblical teaching and preaching that encourages every member to grow in their faith, and who will partner with the body and lead our elders and deacons as we strive to live out our mission, “To know Christ and to make Him known.” 

This pastoral call is well-suited for an individual with the ability to balance the weekly rigors of being a solo pastor of a small church while simultaneously maintaining visionary leadership for where God is calling the congregation. We deeply feel that God is calling us to “grow young,” and the well-equipped candidate would have the passion and skills to assist the church in this endeavor. 

We desire an individual with three to five years of pastoral and/or ministry experience that will be able to lead our church forward fulfilling the calling to grow young as we reach out to our community with the good news of the Gospel. We desire someone that has life experience that will assist them in being able to relate to and connect with the young families in our community.  

Position Information: This is a solo senior pastoral position, under the authority of an elected session that will both lead and work closely alongside the congregation to facilitate growth within the body of Christ at Foster and in the community by sharing God's love.

 The pastor will perform the expected duties of moderating session meetings, administering the sacraments, officiating at weddings and funerals, and being available to counsel individuals as needed. Civic and community involvement is necessary to engage our congregation and spread the gospel. The pastor must be ordained by a reformed denomination and eligible for ECO ordination.

City of Tukwila Overview: We are an ethnically diverse community and although our current congregational make-up is not representative of that, we desire to better reflect our community within our church walls by welcoming our community inside and sharing God's love with them.

This position is posted on the ECO website or can be found at Applications must be submitted electronically. For more information please contact Jenny McCoy, Office Manager, at  


Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church (FTPC) has a long history and is a well-respected congregation of 89 covenant partners in the very ethnically diverse city of Tukwila, a suburb south of Seattle. The church has a history of supporting local and international missions. In June of 2018 our transitional pastor will have completed one year of service, during which time he has been actively and skillfully helping the congregation navigate the transition from a beloved pastor of 38 years and preparing for a new pastor. The midweek youth group is well attended by a couple of youth that have grown up in the church and many local unchurched youth as well. However, only a few of these youth attend on Sundays. We are seeking a dedicated, prayerful individual with a shepherd´s heart, who will preach the gospel and help the church attract and maintain younger members.

Facility Overview

Our church facility is a 9,650 square foot, two-story building constructed in 1920. The building was physically relocated to its current location in 1969 on 1.38 acres in a residential neighborhood south of Seattle, which has a regional draw. The facility is in need of some updates and repairs (i.e. new carpet being installed in spring 2018). Various areas of the facility are being updated as time and budget allows. The facility and property are debt free.

Person and Position Info

  • We are looking for a pastor who:
  • Believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the only way to eternal life with God the Father
  • Believes in the inerrancy of scripture
  • Acknowledges and believes the Holy Spirit is alive and active in the church and people’s lives today
  • Is a person of prayer, growing and maturing in their faith through regular, active prayer, Bible study, and devotional time
  • Has a shepherd’s heart for God’s people
  • Has a passion and vision for youth
  • Exhibits Christ-like character: humble and servant heart, compassionate, person of integrity, transparent and accountable
  • Is missions and kingdom-minded through support and outreach (locally to internationally)
  • Adheres to a Biblical view of marriage and sexuality
  • Does not use the pulpit as a political platform
  • Is a positive and clear communicator
  • Is personally engaging
  • Is able to delegate

Pastoral Duties

Pastoral Care & Worship Services:

  • Set aside time for personal spiritual growth through daily prayer and Bible study/devotional time
  • Shepherd the church through Sunday services with sermons grounded in the inerrancy of scripture
  • Administer the sacraments of the Lord’s Supper and baptisms
  • Prepare special services (i.e. Good Friday, Easter, Christmas Eve, and Christmas)
  • Officiate at weddings and funerals/celebrations of life and pastoral counseling as needed (i.e. Premarital, Christian living, and grief)
  • Encourage and support members of the congregation to step into and minister in roles where their giftings can be used to serve the church and/or community
  • Be an engaged participant fellowshipping with the church community
  • Serve as a resource, as needed, for various ministries, programs, and activities in the church
  • Lead the process and classes for people seeking to become covenant partners
  • Communicate to Session and the congregation various concerns and issues of interest and importance to the larger church
  • Maintain contact with other ministers and leaders of the Tukwila community: Participate in weekly Tukwila Pastor’s Prayer meetings, Be an active member in the monthly Pray Tukwila meetings  


  • Provide sermon topic and verse(s) to Office Manager and Worship Coordinator by Wednesday at noon of each week 
  • Provide supervision of church staff (four part time positions: Office Manager, Youth Director, Custodian, Worship Coordinator)
  • Liaison with Bhutanese/Nepali Christian Community Church and Myanmar American Christian Church that FTPC hosts in our facility.
  • Coordinate with the Youth Director and team to connect with, minister to, and mentor youth in all stages of faith
  • Moderate and work with Session at monthly meetings
  • Represent the congregation in presbytery via: Local Affinity Group (comprised of three local partner churches) Northwest Presbytery (WA, OR, and ID) Nationally (ECO Conferences)


Education Requirements - Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and ordinarily a master’s degree from an accredited theological seminary in biblical or theological studies. ECO ordained (or willingness to learn the polity of the Presbyterian denomination and become ordained).

Doctrine Requirements – Commitment to the ECO Essential Tenets & Confessional Standards

Experience Requirements – At least three to five years of hands on pastoral or ministry experience preferred.

Skills & Abilities - Candidates for ministry must demonstrate significant theological and biblical competence as well as the necessary skills for pastoral ministry. Some administrative and organizational capabilities (computer skills, etc.).  

Position Benefits Summary

Our intention is to provide a fair compensation package commensurate with candidate’s experience. Maximum starting compensation of $75,000 includes ECO required health insurance, life insurance, disability, retirement and salary. Compensation package may be structured to best suit candidate’s needs. FTPC also provides four weeks of vacation, and two weeks of study leave each year.

Who We Are

Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church’s motto is to know Christ and to make Him known. To know Christ is to see him as the only way to eternal salvation, to increasingly know the inerrancy of his word as it is expressed in the Bible, and to be discipled in our relationships with him both corporately and individually. This is reflected in our hunger for solid preaching, our desire to cooperate with the Lord in the work he is doing, as well as our desire to model our lives both individually and corporately after Christ. Parallel to our body’s desire to know Christ is our desire to make Him known. We know that we must be active in our effort to share Christ and shine His light from the hill on which we are physically located to the community around us. Many have said that the footprint of FTPC within the city of Tukwila is larger than the size the congregation would otherwise suggest. That is due in part to our over 100 year history within the city. 

FTPC was started in 1910 by Seattle Presbyterian Church and was a part of the Seattle Presbytery of the PCUSA for over one hundred years. In 2015 we realized that ECO would be a better fit for our body with the convictions to which we remained committed such as a biblical definition of marriage, the sanctity of all human life, and most importantly, Jesus as the only way to eternal life. At that time we began the process of graciously separating from the PCUSA and transitioning to ECO. The congregation’s transition period to ECO was characterized by profound peace and abundant unity. By the end of 2016 we were affiliated with ECO and presently have 90 covenant partners. In summer of 2017 our sole pastor of 39 years sensed the Lord was leading him to retire from his call to pastor of FTPC. He was released by the congregation with gratitude, celebration, and thankful hearts towards the wonderful kingdom work that was accomplished under his leadership. We know that God has good things ahead for us and are embracing this period of transition to a new pastor with expectation and anticipation of healthy change. 

During these last three decades FTPC has used the diagram at left as a model of our Philosophy of Ministry. The core values from which we operate are reflected within these circles. First and foremost, we are a praying church; prayer is central to our identity as a body. We desire to be led by the Spirit in times of prayer and attempt to be sensitive to kairos moments in corporate worship so that we can act in conjunction with what God is doing in real time among us. Prayer is our first response to hardship, our gateway to decisions, and a common denominator of the times we spend together. 

The other circles of the Philosophy of Ministry accurately reflect who we are as a body as well. Our worship as a body is a reflection of our relationship with God through praise, surrender, and prayer. As a healing congregation we also believe people can experience wholeness in Christ through caring by the body and prayer in the name of Jesus. Our congregation also actively seeks to disciple its people by equipping them through teaching, the study of God’s word, and the development of each individual’s gifts as well. We believe each person has been uniquely gifted by God, and we encourage the body to not only know their spiritual gifting but to actively serve in those areas as well. Time and again we have seen individuals come to Foster to grow, become strengthened and equipped in their gifting, and then deployed to other ministries and missions. We also believe that as a church each one of us is deployed daily to live out our faith in Christ in practical ways as well as bring unsaved people to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 

Where We Are Located

Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church is located in the city of Tukwila, Washington, a suburb south of downtown Seattle in western Washington State.  The City of Tukwila often refers to itself as the “Community at the Crossroads” due to its geographic location near Sea-Tac International Airport and the intersection of major highways. This location brings economic activity and opportunity as well as attracts people from all over the United States and around the world.  It is, therefore, an extremely diverse community of many races and ethnicities, of many different religions and world views, and of many different life experiences and cultural influences.  The same can be said of the rest of the surrounding communities where the members of FTPC live and work.

Spiritually speaking, the area is part of the Greater Seattle-Tacoma area which has a reputation for being one of the most unchurched areas in the United States.  A recent poll by the Barna Research Group says that even more than being “unchurched”, it is the third most “dechurched” metropolitan area in the country with 50% of the respondents to the telephone survey saying they had at one time been active in a church or religious organization but are no longer involved with it.  Another part of the survey placed the Greater Seattle-Tacoma area as the 9th most “post-Christian” area of the country where individuals meet nine or more of 16 criteria which identify a lack of Christian identity, belief, and practice. These factors include whether individuals identify as atheist, have never made a commitment to Jesus, have not attended church in the last year, or have not read the Bible in the last week.  Because of the high percentage of people in the community who do not attend church, who have dropped out of organized religion, or who even hold religious belief to be a negative social value, many people in the community have no solid moral underpinning for their lives.  

Tukwila has large populations of many different people groups including white at 38.3%, black at 20.9%, Asian at 16.6%, and Hispanic at 14.7%. Many varied people groups and languages fill out the remainder of the 10%. The Tukwila School District is the most diverse in the nation with over 80 languages represented. Because the community is generally friendly and supportive of immigration and refugee resettlement, there are many Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and other religions. There are also a number of Christian congregations based on a specific ethnic group or national origin.  We host two such congregations at our facility at different times throughout the week including a Bhutanese-Nepalese Christian church as well as a Myanmar (Burmese) Christian congregation. They have dynamic ministries and outreaches within their ethnic communities, especially with the families of those who have been born in their representative countries. 

Where We Are Right Now

As a congregation of faithful but aging members, we recognize our need to “grow young.” Many of our students who go away to college do not return, and we have noticed a downward trend in the number of families with young children as well. During the long tenure of our previous pastor, many of the families who raised their children in this body have made the progression to empty-nesters and retired folks. The body of FTPC desires to make changes in our programs, facility, and culture to retain our young people and young families as well as attract new families with young children. We acknowledge, however, that without the direction, presence, and empowerment of the Holy Spirit no program in and of itself is able to advance the kingdom of God. 

Even with the downward trend of the younger generations, we have seen an increase in recent years in our mid-week youth programs. That being said, of the twenty-five teens in our youth group only seven are from church families. Most of the unchurched neighborhood kids do not attend, however, on Sunday morning. These kids from spiritually indifferent homes are welcomed, fed well, and loved on Tuesday nights, but their questions, needs, and energy level tend to overwhelm the atmosphere of the program; thus, our believing church kids often do not receive the discipleship they need.  Our three energetic volunteer youth leaders—including two 50+ year old male elders, and a young in faith, 20+ year old male—serve alongside a female part time, paid Youth Director who is in her 20’s.

There are many volunteers from the body for church hosted events such as making cookies and collecting supplies for our annual VBS in the city park and serving at the Trunk o’ Treat festival we host for 500+ community members. Countless behind the scenes jobs are also taken care of by volunteers from the congregation, and as a church we acknowledge the richness of that blessing. More specifically, we have many members involved in one of three Service Teams who share a six-week rotation for accomplishing the duties required for a Sunday morning service to take place. The duties of the Service Teams include everything from passing the communion plates, to ushering, to offering prayer support after the service, to making snacks for the fellowship time after the service, to serving in the nursery. Some members of the congregation also actively volunteer for hands on community needs such as packing weekend meals for homeless school kids and other similar activities. As active in ministry as we are, we know that FTPC is not engaging in effective evangelism in a way that builds connections and relationships with our unchurched and unbelieving neighbors. Some of our members attend annual seminars at Missions Fest Seattle, but we know that this is an area of weakness for our body. We are actively looking into new ways to follow-up and retain visitors as well as seeking vision for new programs the Lord might desire to use to attract and minister to the community. 

Our historic 1920’s wood frame building is well-loved and well-used. The last major renovation of the physical worship space was completed in the 1990’s. The 9,650 square foot building is heavily used throughout every week with activities in one form or another almost every night of the week. CEF trains monthly, and AA and a grief group meet weekly. Church activities such as youth group, Bible studies, session and committee meetings, as well as activities from the two ethnic Christian congregations make the physical space of the building highly used and more recently in need of significant renovation. We take care to schedule additional uses of the facility with discretion, respect, and flexibility and strive to steward the extra wear and tear of these shared uses with wisdom. In 2016 a refurbishing of the youth classrooms & nursery was completed. The fellowship hall also received new to the church but previously used chairs at that time. New carpets will be installed by early 2018 throughout the remainder of the church. Professional artwork that has been completed by a member gives the building added depth and beauty. We desire that the interior of our building accurately reflect the welcoming atmosphere that we aim to portray, but we realize that this is a work in progress.

Where We’re Headed

We are a church with a long history of community presence, but we recognize that though the community around us has changed drastically in the last 30 years, our body has not completely reflected that change as we remain primarily a Caucasian congregation in one of the most diverse cities in the country. On a typical Sunday perhaps a dozen or so worshippers are of other ethnicities. We understand the value and importance of better reflecting the community that we are placed in. We recognize that in order to achieve this we will need to better embrace the second and third generation Americans we are surrounded by. We desire to reach the unchurched and unbelieving people of our community regardless of skin color and be a reflection of God’s love in our community. 

We believe that we are called to be an intergenerational church. Our Sunday school is aptly named Generations because of the large group style in which we begin our time together where preschoolers through senior citizens are interacting with one another to hear the main point of the lesson for the day. Our breakout groups that follow this intergenerational time accurately reflect the knowledge that though we are one body, different subgroups of members have different needs. We know that there is beauty in the body of Christ. We are a church family, and we embrace that wholeheartedly. This means that our church is encouraged to raise the youth corporately and to consistently cherish our elders. That being said, with the aging average population of the church, we feel led to focus on the development of our youth and young families. A significant number in our congregation commute in from other cities, making growth through friendship evangelism in the immediate area more difficult. We are seeking the Lord’s wisdom and direction to expand this younger cross-section of our body, and we are excited to see what the Lord has ahead.

We also remain committed to the calling to be a praying church and will endeavor to continue to operate in the supporting circles of our Philosophy of Ministry as well. We know that God has uniquely equipped us to minister through these methods and will continue to do so as the Spirit leads us. That being said, we have seen the Lord use seasons of change at FTPC to strengthen and refine our body, and we fully expect to see that happen during this current season of change in pastoral leadership as well. God is leading and guiding us, and we will remain faithful to his calling. We are praying for wisdom for our own body during this time of transition and for the next pastor that God will call to lead our body.

References and Resources (Candidates may contact these references to learn more about ECO or Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church)  

ECO Website:

Presbytery of the Northwest:

Name: Rev. Al Sandalow Relation: ECO Liaison-Ministry Partnership Team Chair (MPT) E-mail:     

Foster-Tukwila Presbyterian Church:

Name: Rev. Malcolm Brewer Position: Transitional Pastor at Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Phone: 206- 430-5323     Cell: 206-714-3689 E-Mail:

Name: Robert Eaton Position: Pastor Nominating Committee Chairman Phone: 206-228-5745 E-Mail:

Name: Alex Myrick Position: Pastor Nominating Committee Member and Missions Elder Phone:  206-854-6187 E-Mail:

Name: Jenny McCoy Position: Pastor Nominating Committee Member, Correspondence Secretary, and FTPC Office Manager Phone: 206-407-6413 FTPC Office: 206-243-4455 E-Mail:; (to submit application please use

Community Reference:

Name: Rev. Dr. Kent Murahashi Relation: Pastor of Gracepoint Community Church in Tukwila Phone: 206-501-7299

How to Apply: Please provide a cover letter, résumé, and statement of faith to the following contact:   Jenny McCoy Correspondence Secretary Pastor Nominating Committee Email (preferred method):    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 88576, Tukwila WA 98138

Closing Date: 
Monday, 29 April 2019