Seeley Community Church


Seeley, CA


Job Title: Pastor

Employer: Seeley Community Church

Contact Information: Gill Rapoza at 760-352-4280 or

Address: P.O. Box 808,  1778 Rio Vista Street, Seeley CA, 92273

Job Location: Seeley, California

Salary/Wages: We are able to provide housing for a single pastor or a small family right next to the church building.  We will pay the utilities.

Job Type: Ministry

Application Materials Needed:

  • Resume
  • References

Job Description:

We are a small mission sized church in search of a pastor.  We are in a community that is largely Spanish speaking not far from the US/Mexico border in the small community of Seeley California.  Spanish speaking is not a requirement but it would be very helpful.  The word mission is important because we are seeking a pastor who is interested in outreach.  Seeley Community Church is in a poor community, not only in finances, but in learning God’s Word.

The church itself is a little over 100 years old.  While our town is quite small, we have everything one might need within 15 minutes away outside of Seeley, including a Costco, a large Walmart, and big supermarkets.

Seeley Community Church is associated with Conservative Baptists Association (CBA) via the Pacific Church Network (PCN). We do not require that the candidate be a member of either to be considered. We would welcome a good pastor who had no denominational affiliations at all. God’s Word has priority over all the rest.


Preach, teach, and be very willing to do local outreach. The candidate selected would be assisted by the interim pastor who would stay on to help the new Pastor as the Associate Pastor.


A seminary degree is good, but not at all required. Graduating from a college that emphasizes God’s Word is plenty.  A heart for doing God’s will in reaching the lost as well as teaching the saved is even better.  Some experience is preferred and practical training from a good Christian college is a very good thing.  A pastoral candidate must agree that the Word of God is held as the final rule of all.


Closing Date: 

Tuesday, 4 December 2018