Jetzy App


New York, NY


Job Title: Marketing

Employer: Jetzy App

Contact Information: Shama Zehra at 929-525-3899 or

Address: 350 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Web Site:

Job Location: New York, NY

Job Type: Internship

Application Materials Needed: Resume

Job Description:

The Marketing position provides an excellent opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge & experience of various forms of traditional and digital marketing. This opportunity is for both full time & part time work in New York or remote from any city/country in following areas:

Digital Marketing and Social Media:

  • Develop digital and social media campaigns to promote Jetzy. 
  • Help to develop viral and buzz marketing strategies to generate brand awareness
  • Find relevant travel, lifestyle, food, fashion and other similar forums, blogs and interest groups to post about Jetzy
  • Assist in the creation of email campaigns and online promotions
  • Create content for blog and social media outlets
  • Create, schedule and share event advertisements


  • Assist management with scheduling, organizing and running various events
  • Identify and build partnerships with event spaces and venues
  • Interact with vendor/partners to carry out event
  • Create, schedule and share communications to describe events
  • Coordinate with news, lists, bloggers, and other sources to promote events
  • Coordinate with Sponsors, Performers, DJs, Speakers
  • Be present the day of the event and assist in event setup, greeting guests, manage reception, etc
  • Share event photos on different platforms after the event

Sales and Partnerships:

  • Build and execute partnerships strategies with advertiser and businesses that can sell their products or services through Jetzy network
  • Conduct outreach and develop campaigns to contact potential advertisers / partners and distribute marketing materials to them
  • Set up meetings and make presentations to prospective advertisers/ partners
  • Once advertiser/partner on board, create promotion campaigns and product awareness programs to promote advertisers/ partners businesses through global social media channels
  • Utilize personal networks or web research to identify advertising/partnership opportunities

Public Relations:

  • Develop and contribute to public relations activities including publicity strategies, campaigns, press releases etc.
  • Create and list of relevant journalists, bloggers and influencers and proactively reach them to get the word out for Jetzy
  • Deal with inquiries from the public, the press, media and related organizations
  • Coordinate with news media as assigned, in development of appropriate news stories
  • Maintain tracking report of public relations activity

Finance & Investment (10 positions):

The Finance & Investment candidate is responsible for assisting management in sourcing and obtaining potential investors, as well as identifying additional strategies for fundraising. This position contributes to the company's success by helping in investment rounds required to grow the business. This position provides an excellent opportunity to work directly with high net worth individuals and other investor networks as well as working with a startup from the inception of the product and gain in-depth entrepreneurial skill set.


Closing Date: 

Wednesday, 7 November 2018