Lead Pastor (Discipleship)


Dayspring Fellowship


Salem, OR


Job Title: Lead Pastor (Discipleship)

Employer: Dayspring Fellowship

Contact Information: Lori Schilling at lori@chrisvoigtworship.com or 503-390-3900

Job Location: Salem, OR

Department: Pastoral Team

Reports To: Elders

General Information:

The Lead Pastor (Discipleship) is part of the Executive Management Team of Dayspring Fellowship, which includes the Elder Board and the Lead Pastor (Executive). This team is responsible for executing the mission of Dayspring Fellowship, and sets the direction, priorities and overall vision of the church. To ensure unity across all ministries, Lead Pastor (Discipleship) shall act as an advocate for the ministries under the direct leadership of Lead Pastor (Executive). 


The Lead Pastor position at Dayspring Fellowship requires:    

  • An individual who meets the scriptural requirements for an elder.  (i.e.: 1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9; 1 Peter 5:1-5)
  • A person who demonstrates mature Christ-centered character and wisdom.
  •  Preferred seminary degree, college degree or equivalent proven experience.
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience as a pastor.
  • Alignment with the Executive Management Team on the philosophy of ministry at Dayspring Fellowship and essential doctrines.
  • A demonstrated ability to function on their own (initiative) and as a member of a team (collaboration).
  • A demonstrated ability to teach and preach the Word of God.
  • The ability to effectively direct and develop staff and volunteers in implementing the ministry goals of Dayspring Fellowship.
  • A wide range of ministry skills including, but not limited to: recruitment, goal setting, financial administration, and the leading, motivating and development of others. 

Current Responsibilities:

Preaching & Teaching: The Lead Pastor (Discipleship) will be the primary teacher for weekly services. The Lead Pastor (Discipleship) will work cooperatively with the Lead Pastor (Executive) to strategically connect weekend teaching with vision and direction set by the Executive team, determine teaching calendar, and to ensure creative and cohesive planning through every aspect of each service.

Leadership: Work collaboratively with the Executive Management Team and the pastoral team in a cohesive and open team environment. Build and maintain quality relationships with team members. Help define strategic goals and vision as a key leader among staff. Help develop and implement strategies for accomplishing defined goals.

Discipleship: Provide overall leadership in planning, executing and aligning the Dayspring Fellowship discipleship strategy across all ministries, including Men’s Ministries, Women’s Ministries, Growth Groups and affinity groups. Works collaboratively to plan and provide leadership development opportunities for all lay leaders.

Pastoral Care: Provide and coordinate pastoral care with other staff and volunteers through visitation, counseling, and prayer.

Assimilation: Provide overall leadership in planning, executing and aligning the Dayspring Fellowship assimilation strategy across all ministries.

Elder: Provide significant input in vision casting and goal setting.

Other Duties: Perform other ministry responsibilities as required, including leading communion, conducting baptisms, performing marriages and funerals and providing pastoral care. Adhere to the bylaws, policies and procedures adopted by the church.


The Lead Pastor (Discipleship) is accountable to the Elder Board to implement strategies for achieving the mission of Dayspring Fellowship as set by the Executive Team, in each area of his responsibility. The Lead Pastor (Discipleship) will work collaboratively with the Lead Pastor (Executive) to build and protect the unity of the body of believers at Dayspring Fellowship, and to create a ministry environment where each can thrive in their callings, as they serve in their unique areas of giftedness.


Closing Date: 

Saturday, 1 December 2018