Head Principal

Sonshine Christian School
Salem, OR


Job Title: Head Principal

Employer: Sonshine Christian School

Contact Information: Kari Rasmussen at 503-364-2285 or krasmussen@fbcsalem.org 

Address: 395 Marion St NE, Salem, OR 97301

Web Site: www.fbcsalem.org

Job Location: Salem, OR

Salary/Wages: Based on education and experience

Job Type: Full-time

Application Materials Needed:

  • Job Application
  • Resume
  • References

Job Description:

Primary Function:

To fulfill the Mission Statement of First Baptist Church by administering all school operations and activities including instructional programs, support services, student activities, and community relations activities.


A growing relationship with God, characterized by prayer, personal Bible study, worship and purity is a first priority.  To perform the job successfully, an individual must demonstrate an ability to accomplish each duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and /or ability required.

  • Education and or Experience:  A minimum of a Masters degree with 5 years of experience is preferred.  An equivalent combination of experience and education may be considered.
  • Personal Traits: A person of moral integrity. Exemplifies good family relationships and is committed to the vision, mission, objective, statement of faith, and standard of conduct of the church.  Understands and agrees with church by-laws and employee handbook.
  • Leadership skills:  Ability to read, analyze and interpret materials related to the field. Ability to appropriately respond to inquires or comments from staff or others as necessary. Ability to clearly write and speak effectively to staff and others. Must be able to function in a multi-staffed office environment.
  • Reasoning: Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.
  • Church Affiliation:  Must be a member in good standing or be willing to become a member of Salem First Baptist Church.

General Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the instructional programs of the school, including curriculum and teaching materials.
  • Administer and supervise school activities as determined by Sonshine School Committee.
  • Maintain an emotionally healthy and physically safe environment conducive to the total educational development of the students including plans for school in emergency situations.
  • Work with Church Administrator to develop capital and operating budgets for the school, and control expenditures within approved budgets.
  • Maintain continuous two-way communications with parents, church, Parent Club, and staff to ensure the success of school programs, activities, goals, objectives, and school/church needs.  Make staff assignments; recommend hiring, termination, and renewal of contracts.
  • Evaluate performance of all staff and coordinate staff development activities.
  • Prepare and implement a yearly marketing plan to actively promote the school to new families.

Principal Responsibilities

    • Open door policy
    • Supervise
    • Informal/ Formal Observations
    • Curriculum Review
    • Mentor new teachers
    • Lead staff meetings- 1st and 3rd Mondays Lead Grade Level meetings 4th Monday Approve field trips Approve Time off
    • Hire staff as needed
    • Schedule hours
    • Supervise
    • Master Schedule
    • Master Calendar
    • Inclement weather decisions
    • Approve Sick and PTO hours
    • Sign payroll Timecards
    • Weekly E-mail, usually on Fridays
    • Schedule Fire drills and Lockdowns
    • Oversee lunch program and plan with supervisor Contacts with tech on Website, RenWeb, and Tuition payments Oversee lunch program Oversee Corban Interns and set schedule for them
    • Supervise
    • Discipline
    • Encourage
    • Attend field trips when possible
    • Principal for the day
    • IEP meetings
    • Speech-hearing-LD IEP overviews
    • Inservice Trainings- August 2 days, Fall 2 days, Spring 1 day Science Club Math Club ACSI Events- Speech-  Spelling- Math SALT  Salem Area Literature Team
    • 24 Challenge
    • Plan Back to school night
    • Facilitate Open house in the Spring
    • Attend Parent club meetings
    • Auction
    • Prayer and Pledge fundraiser
    • Oversee Annual Track meet
    • Attend district meetings
    • Write Title I plan
    • Sort qualifying students
    • Plan with Title I teachers
    • Write Title IIA Plan
    • Oversee professional development for all staff Write Title III plan as needed Write Title IV plan Defend activities for the money- oversee requests and approve Grant Writing
    • Search for current grants and apply.  Oversee the grants as they are awarded.
    • Vision for the school
    • Personal growth
    • Meet with ACSI school principals bi-monthly
    • Interview perspective students
    • Meet with Parents and give tours
    • Be informed about enrollment numbers with adds and drops Advertise and promote school as opportunities arise
  • Other Duties as assigned

Calendar of Activities


  • Summer letter to staff
  • Projection of enrollment
  • Inservice planning
    • Nuts and Bolts inservice
    • Teacher training inservice
  • Scope and sequence from teachers
  • Catalogue curriculum as it arrives
  • Finalize master calendar
  • Publish master schedule
  • Review website for changes
  • Send out First Newsletter of the year  (Principal’s Corner) Collect teacher staff goals for the year Meet with Title I teacher and set schedule Plan community Bar-Be-Que


  • Back to school night orientation
  • Send out chapel schedule
  • Communicate with parents by e-mail
  • See you at the Pole- find music, set prayer time
  • Fitness Run-  Salem Academy Track


  • Formal observations in each classroom
  • Review of observation with each teacher
  • 1st Firedrill and lockdown; schedule remaining firedrills
  • Teacher inservice
  • Spirit week
  • Carnival Jog-a-Thon


  • Thanksgiving Chapel
  • 1st grading period
  • Training for staff on Ren-Web
  • Kinder Thanksgiving program
  • Organize the start of Science Club
  • Being Math club


  • Review and Ok Christmas Concert
  • Schedule music rehearsals
  • Schedule to sing at the Capitol  1-5
  • Reserve seats for the OSU Basketball game
  • Schedule Salem Capitol sing


  • Spelling Bee
  • B.E.A.R. reading rewards ½ year
  • Schedule student for Principal of the day (from Auction)
  • 2nd quarter and semester ends
  • Review all grades
  • Semester Assembly
  • Meet to set Registration and tuition for next year
  • Begin to put together information for parents for next year


  • 2nd lockdown
  • Speech meet


  • Begin registration
    • Families with siblings, staff
    • Returning students and SFB members
    • Open to public
  • Plan and present Open house
  • Letters of intent to teachers
  • Write Title I plan
  • Write Title IIA plan
  • Write Title IV plan
  • Attend district meeting to defend the plan


  • Fitness run-  2 days
  • Oversee SAT testing
  • Appoint coordinator
  • Math Olympics
  • Auction
  • Give out Contract for the next year
  • Meet with classified staff about hours for the next year


  • Calendar for the next year approved
  • Approve Spring Concert
  • Schedule rehearsals for concert
  • End of the year parties
    • 3-4 to SeaKrest
    • 5 to SeaKrest
    • 5 to Outdoor school
  • 7 to SeaKrest
  • Kinder Graduation
  • Title I party for parents


  • 4th quarter grading
  • Awards for end of year
  • Talent Show
  • Family lunch
  • 5th grade trip to Oaks Park
  • 8th grade Graduation
  • Final Staff meeting



Closing Date: 
Thursday, 14 February 2019