Executive Pastor

Grace Church
Dallas, OR


Job Title: Executive Pastor

Employer: Grace Church, Dallas Oregon

Contact Information: Dave Bertolini at 503-623-4961 or HR@graceindallas.org

Address: 598 E Ellendale Ave, Dallas OR, 97338

Fax: 503-623-6287

Web Site: http://graceindallas.org/

Education or Degree Required: A Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field is required, graduate level education or degree preferred

Job Location: Dallas, OR

Salary/Wages: A competitive salary which will be determined during the hiring process based on education and experience.

Job Type: Full-time

Application Materials Needed:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter

Job Description:

The Executive Pastor (XP) at Grace Church will work closely alongside the Lead Pastor (LP), Church Staff, Elder Team, and Council to maintain the developing infrastructure necessary for the ministry of the church to grow and thrive. This role reports directly to the LP but also exercises oversight of various areas applicable to and in partnership with the Elders. The XP will fulfill the duties of a Biblical Elder by discipling and shepherding the families of Grace Church through the development and oversight of teams and programs. The XP will be a member of the Elder Team, when eligible.



  • Direct oversight of church staff.
  • Leads recruitment, interviews, and hiring/appointment processes related to filling staff and volunteer positions.
  • Maintain employee files.
  • Manage paid employee time-off requests and records.
  • Perform annual performance reviews for all staff except the LP.
  • Provide oversight for issues relating to HR, Payroll and Insurance for personnel and property.
  • Meet weekly with the pastoral staff team.
  • Meet monthly with the full staff team.
  • Meet regularly with support staff
  • Resource the church staff and ministry volunteers.
  • Function as the staff representative on the Grace Church Council.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the church to create a healthy and effective environment.
  • Oversee the documenting, implementation and use of all policies and procedures related to the ministries of Grace Church.
  • Assist in researching and writing policies as requested by the Lead Pastor, Pastoral Team or Council.


  • Work with church leaders to develop the annual operational budget to support church mission, vision & strategy.
  • Oversee the annual budget committee.
  • Oversee production of monthly financial summary report for presentation to elders.
  • Oversee and manage financial plan.
  • Oversee implementation of financial strategies for mission.
  • Oversee staff personnel in finance areas.
  • Develop and implement systems within the staff team to work efficiently within financial plan limits.


  • Oversee Grace’s leadership pipeline to recruit and equip volunteer leaders.
  • Responsible for adult discipleship through effective group ministry strategies.
  • Work with teachers and group leaders on curriculum presentation and discussion facilitation, evaluate performance, give input on group issues and challenges, and work to protect personal health and balance in commitment and scheduling for each volunteer.
  • Keep Lead Pastor apprised of member issues that relate to the discipleship process.
  • Oversee visitor assimilation and member involvement.
  • Assist in the tracking and follow up with absent attendees and members.
  • Participate in preaching at the weekend services based on need of the Lead Pastor as gifting and schedule allows.
  • Serve as after-hours pastoral support for church members when on call.
  • Perform other duties the Lead Pastor requests.
  • Evaluate ministries against the church’s mission, vision, methods and values and make recommendations accordingly.


  • Exemplify the Biblical qualifications as stated in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9
  • Maintain membership in good standing at Grace Church
  • Possess a clear sense of God’s calling to local church ministry
  • A love for Christ, spiritual maturity, and growing in faith and knowledge of God’s Word
  • A love for God’s people & a love for the local church
  • A servant’s heart, teachable spirit and a willingness to follow, as well as lead
  • A desire to learn and grow professionally
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field is required, graduate level education or degree preferred
  • Minimum of 5 years of related leadership experience in local church or para-church context
  • Must exhibit a clear understanding and agreement regarding the doctrine, mission, vision and values of Grace Church


  • Strong capabilities in financial management, budget oversight, and systems
  • Experience in recruiting, training, and managing volunteer leaders
  • Experience managing multiple volunteer teams simultaneously in a church or para-church context
  • Experience in maintaining and protecting organizational unity between multiple leadership teams
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Capable and experienced in keeping with the basic requirements of leading and training people in the 21st century— computer literate, social media engaged, etc.


Closing Date: 
Monday, 8 April 2019