Director of Week Day Preschool


Grant Avenue Baptist Church


Corvallis, OR


Job Title: Director of Week Day Preschool

Employer: Grant Avenue Baptist Church

Contact Information: Bryan Bernard at 541-757-7497 or

Address: 1625 Grant Avenue, Corvallis, OR 97330

Web Site:

Education or Degree Required: Bachelor's degree in related field

Job Location: Corvallis, OR

Salary/Wages: Part Time: $17,000 a year

Job Type: Part-time

Application Materials Needed: Resume

Job Description:

  • The Director of Preschool is responsible to the pastor for directing Grant Avenue Preschool.


  • The principle function of the Director is to supervise the operation of the Church Weekday Early Childhood Education in keeping with the policies established by Grant Avenue Baptist Church and any state required mandates
  • The Director shall hire supporting staff following criteria outlined by position qualification in the Church Weekday Early Education Policy Manual and with the approval of the Pastor.
  • As a member of the church staff the Director will be responsible to the Pastor.
  • The Director will work with the Pastor enforcing and recommending policies and making reports to the church.
  • Plan in cooperation with the teaching staff a program suited to the needs of the children attending the preschool.
  • Supervise preschool staff in carrying out the daily program, and lead in the regular evaluation of this program.
  • Assure the presence of workers in the Preschool Education Building at all times when weekday preschool children are present.
  • Coordinate with the Pastor to establish a suitable work schedule.
  • When school is not in session the Director shall keep regular office hours, and when the school is in session be in the facilities at least one third of the time.
  • Provide and encourage the use of Teaching Assistants for all classes as enrollment requires.
  • Meet with other Church workers using the same facilities for planning meetings with reference to the use of equipment, resources, and outreach.
  • Recommend new teaching staff members to the Pastor and hire with his approval.
  • Secure substitute help when necessary.
  • Schedule regular staff meetings for planning and evaluating work.
  • As funds allow, attend professional conferences and workshops on preschool education.
  • Coordinate the work of teachers and maintenance workers so that rooms will be left in order each day.
  • Prepare the preschool budget, to present to the Pastor for review before presenting to the church for approval
  • Be responsible for receiving and disbursement of funds.
  • Develop personal information files on each child.
  • Work with the parents to assist in meeting the total spiritual needs of each student and family.
  • Order classroom, janitorial and general supplies for the Church Weekday Early Education program.


  • A Christian and a member of Grant Avenue Baptist Church.
  • Must demonstrate love for children and their families.
  • At least a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or an equivalent degree.
  • A minimum of two years experience teaching preschool or children.
  • Must pass a criminal background check.


Closing Date: 

Saturday, 10 March 2018