Chemistry and Math High School Tutor

A++ Tutoring Center
Turner, OR


Job Title: Chemistry and Math High School Tutor

Employer: A++ Tutoring Center

Contact Information: Nicole Korkeakoski at 503-910-3507 or

Address: 5435 Denver st., Turner, OR 97392

Web Site:

Job Location: Turner, OR

Salary/Wages: $15

Job Type: Part-time

Application Materials Needed:

  • Resume
  • Transcript

Job Description:

  • Help local students understand their daily assignments, study for tests and stay organized.
  • The position offered is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00-9:00pm.
  • More hours may be an option.
  • Must be outgoing, self motivated, creative and display excellent communication skills.
  • Chemistry and algebra 2 tutoring is a must.


Qualified applicant will come prepared to help students with their daily assignments, help them prepare for tests and will help them stay organized. Must be able to discuss daily information with parents and come up with creative ways to teach material. The tutor will close the center at night and make sure everything is ready for the next day.


Chemistry and math through algebra 2. Spanish skills are a plus. Must be self motivated, highly organized with excellent communication skills.



Closing Date: 
Monday, 1 April 2019