Caregiver (Multiple Positions Available)




Salem, OR


Job Title: Caregiver

Employer: Sandy

Contact Information: Sandy at 503-391-8725

Job Location: Salem, OR

Salary/Wages: $15 an hour

Hours: Saturday from 5am-9pm (Can be split among two or three caregivers) and Sunday from 7am to 9pm (Can be split among two or three caregivers)

Job Description:

Sandy is looking for someone to come to her home on the weekends and take care of her. Her needs include feeding and helping her in the bathroom. Sandy said that she sleeps during the day, so there would be a lot of free time during a shift. Sandy is willing to hire more than one individual to cover these hours. Please call Sandy at 503-391-8725 for further questions.

Closing Date: 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018