Area Director - Positions for West and South Salem


Young Life


Salem, OR


Job Title:  Area Director (One position available for West Salem and one available for South Salem)

Employer: YoungLife

Contact Information: Apply online at for the West Salem position and for the South Salem position

Web Site:

Education or Degree Required: College degree preferred

Job Location: West or South Salem

Job Type: Ministry

Application Materials Needed: Apply online at—-Salem,-OR.aspx

Job Description:

​This position would work to establish and expand Young Life ministry in three high schools, and WyldLife ministry in the feeder middle schools in the western or southern area of Salem, Ore., supervising one to three staff people in WyldLife and high school ministries. The direct supervisor will be Greater Salem's metro director.


​Spiritual Development – focuses individual and team efforts on “following Jesus” through the essential work of:

  • Practicing prayer and spiritual disciplines through the use of individual and communal prayer, Scripture, worship, fasting, etc.
  • Gathering for fellowship to build the area teams (committee, staff and leaders)
  • Faith and ministry through fun, inspiration and teaching
  • Promoting froth and health in Young Life ministry - spiritually, emotionally, and socially
  • Establishing church relationships through regular worship and positive ministry relationships with local congregations.

Critical Result – An authentic focus on Jesus, personally and in community, which results in testimonies of individual spiritual growth; evidence that “the Lord is adding to the numbers of those being saved” (Acts 2).

Leadership Development – “developing committee, kids, leaders and staff for the mission” through the essential work of:

  • Developing key leaders by gathering, mobilizing and retaining a core group of committee, leaders and staff for implementing the area vision
  • Recruiting the people and talents needed for expanding and accomplishing the area’s work
  • Team building and training a thriving Young Life ministry by recruiting, mobilizing and retaining individuals to carry out the work of the area
  • Supervising by providing the resources and experiences needed for implementing the “essential works” of the area; building individual and team morale using the “Back to the Basics” tool
  • Vision casting an inspiring goal for reaching more kids and all kinds of kids; ensuring Young Life is done with excellence
  • Develop a strategy with the area leadership team (key committee, leaders and staff) asking Go for His direction to reach the next school (ministry)

Critical Result – Increase numbers of leaders working with kids and particularly increased numbers of team leaders.

Resource Development – focuses on “ fueling the ministry” by acquiring time, talent and funds through the essential work of:

  • TDS team gathers and directs a talented team of individuals by using the Field Development Tool to raise the annual budget
  • Major donor relationships that provide a personal touch to each major donor three times annually to update, thank and “ask” on behalf of Young Life
  • Events which reflect Young Life’s capacity to impact kids and warrant the investment of a participant’s personal and corporate resources; these are coordinated, quality gatherings
  • Publics relations build the Young Life brand as an excellent tool for working with adolescents in the community

Critical Result – Area consistently in surplus (goal is a one-month cash reserve minimum); follow-through on the area’s fundraising strategy and there is excellence in communication to donors.

Direct Ministry – Carry out the Young Life Mission Statement as a “player-coach” leading and modeling through the essential work of:

  • Contact work, club camp, Campaigners

Critical Result – Increase the number of kids in each of the above categories who are introduced to Jesus and are growing in their faith.

Ministry Support – focuses on administrative systems needed to support the core functions of Young Life ministry through the essential work of:

  • Accounting keeps “user friendly” records which are accurate and accessible for all financial transactions
  • Administration follows all Young Life policies and procedures
  • Internal communication plans and implements a strategy for timely information to all staff and leaders for effective operation of area ministries
  • Data management maintains and updates the area database through ASSIST to provide accessible and current information regarding donors, finances, direct ministry, etc
  • Strategic planning develops and implements a multiple year plan for ministry that aligns with the mission goals of Young Life

Critical Result – Area director develops systems and teams to maintain a reputation for administrative excellence in the area.


Closing Date: 

Wednesday, 7 November 2018