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Graduate School Preparation

Ideally, a person planning on attending a prestigious graduate school should start the planning process in his or her sophomore year of college. Planning should definitely be taking place by the junior year. By the senior year, life may be getting a bit too hectic.

Application Process

  • There's an application. Apply on time - preferably 30-90 days early.
  • It can be a complicated process that usually involves grades, test scores, essay, recommendations, work sample, and a possible interview
  • Check to make sure that there is not a pre-application process.

Tips for Taking the GRE


  • Carry a small dictionary around with you whenever you're reading.
  • Use the resources available on the GRE web site, particularly POWERPREP
  • Study as hard as you can and only take the GRE once.

On the Day:

  • Use the High School writing style of using Intro, Points 1,2,3,4 and Summary
  • Present your paper clearly


From "Tips for Getting into Grad School: The Story of a Confused Brit in a Former Colony" by Paul Myers, available in the Office of Career and Academic Services, Corban. Stop by the office to pick up a more detailed copy.