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Brain Changers

Teachers as Brain Changers

March 2, 2013 Salem, Oregon

A powerful and groundbreaking course that teaches educators the basics and easy-to-understand fundamentals of brain science and how it applies to the everyday classroom. Register Online

True brain-based learning

When educators think of brain-based learning, we immediately remember how to reach the kinesthetic, auditory, visual, and creative needs of our students. But when was the last time you gave a lesson (or had one yourself) that talked about the human brain itself? How often do we sit back and appreciate how our brain is involved in every aspect of behavior, learning, success, our thoughts, and even in our emotions?
The truth is that your brain is the supercomputer that runs everything you do to help your students on their path to success or failure. Your brain, your fellow teachers’ brains, your administrators’ brains, and your students’ brains help you achieve academic goals, identify and implement effective curriculum, devise creative new teaching methods, find creative ways to gain resources, and dream up effective classroom management tools.

In this course, you will learn the simple fundamentals of brain science and how it applies to you, your school, and your students every day. You will learn how each brain is unique, and how we as educators tend to stick to a type of teaching style that fits our brain type best (which can often be different than the way our students’ brains are wired).

Through an understanding of several brain systems, what behaviors they are associated with, what happens when they are working too hard (or not hard enough), conditions associated with them, and common treatments used when there is a struggle, you will be equipped with the knowledge to help you make your brain work better, and you will also leave with a set of strategies that you can utilize when dealing with even the most difficult of students, fellow teachers, or even administrators.

Jesse Payne, Ed.D.
Professor of education at Corban University in Salem, Oregon. Jesse has spent over a decade working in the field of education as a teacher, program developer, and curriculum writer. Working with renowned psychiatrist and NY Times Bestselling Author Daniel Amen, MD, Jesse co-authored two books, including a high school course on brain science that is being taught all over the world. Jesse has taught countless educators and students about the importance of the human brain, and just how it affects every aspect of life.

Course Schedule


Time Topic
9:00–10:30Brain Science Principles
10:30–11:30Prefrontal Cortex
11:30–12:30Anterior Cingulate Gyrus
1:30–2:00Basal Ganglia
2:00–2:30Deep Limbic System
2:30–3:00Temporal Lobes
3:00–4:00Review & Further Application



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$179Full-Day Course with extra materials

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