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Adult Degree

Student Testimonies

Brian Kauffman, M. Ed., Business graduate


"Completing my bachelor's degree from Corban established a strong foundation for me as a Christian leader ... (read more)

Nancy L. Young, CPA, MBA, Business graduate


"The decision to complete my degree was a pivotal decision at a key time in my life ... (read more)

Charles D. Lucas, P. C., Business graduate


"I received a foundational, Christ-based education which served as a significant stepping stone into my admission to law school and my future as an attorney ...(read more)

Teresa Gutermuth, Psychology graduate


"As a recent graduate of the Family Studies Program, I am quite pleased with the preparation for graduate school I received during my course of studies there ...(read more)

Glynes Dishman, Psychology graduate


"As a single mother of two girls, I am employed at a Christian High School as a librarian ... (read more)

Julia Schmidt, Psychology graduate


"About five years ago, I felt the Lord leading me to pursue a degree in counseling ... (read more)


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