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History and Government Student Testimonies

Michaela (Tong) Granger - Class of 2011
I transferred to Corban University after attending another private Christian liberal arts school for the first two years of my undergraduate career. Although the history program at my initial school was academically rigorous, the faculty members rarely made the connections between the past and present in practical ways, specifically pertaining to living out a Christian worldview meaningfully. It is one thing to simply learn about events that took place in the past through a "Christian" lens; it is another thing entirely to take the time to thoughtfully analyze how the events of the past impact the attitudes and ideas of the present. My professors at Corban recognized the difference, and consistently pointed out that studying history may inform the way we live as Christians in the twenty-first century. Moreover, I found the history faculty at Corban to be superior not only in their knowledge and passion for history, but also in their dedication to Christ, His Church, and their own students.

As a History major, I was challenged to use historical knowledge, along with scripture, to develop my own ideas on effective political policy, responsible environmental practices, dynamic evangelization and humanitarian work, and sound theology, providing me with a well-rounded historical foundation. After graduating from Corban I was priveleged to spend two years as a tutor and teacher at a small private high school. Currently, I am attending the Catholic University of America in Washington DC and completing an M.A. program in Social and Religious History of the Late Medieval and Early Modern Period. Upon completion I plan to earn a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies and eventually teach/research at the college level. Completing a history degree at Corban University was essential in helping me pursue this career goal.

Samuel Pearson - Class of 2013
History majors at Corban benefit from mentoring relationships with authoritative faculty in a close-knit, collaborative community. Engaging with the biblical worldview in each course, professors prepare students to be mature Christians, informed scholars, and responsible citizens.

My professors provided me with rewarding internships in which I explored potential careers while still in school. Thanks to their support, I had the opportunities to create an exhibit for a local history museum, explore national politics with an internship in Washington, D.C., and assist with primary source research for an upcoming publication. Completing my history degree at Corban has reaffirmed interest in pursuing a doctorate in American history and teaching at the university level.