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History and Government

"In the Department of History and Government, we are committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and spiritual maturity, preparing Christian students to make a difference in the fields of history, political science, and criminal justice." -Dr. S. D. Bruce, Department Chair

Department Overview

The Department of History and Government includes three major programs of study - History, Political Science, and Criminal Justice.  Because studying the human experience is central to a Christian liberal arts education, degrees in these fields are meaningful, providing students with a more profound understanding of the complex interplay between religion, philosophy, politics, law, and justice that has defined humanity since the dawn of civilization.

In keeping with the educational mission of Corban University, the Department of History and Government is committed to understanding and critiquing human endeavors through the lens of biblical truth.  Hence each professor in the department not only conveys appropriate information and knowledge, but also intentionally challenges students to analyze societies, past and present, from a Christian worldview perspective.  Ultimately, the goal is for students in the department to think like mature Christians about a vast array of topics, including ethics and war, political ideologies, social justice causes, legal precedents, and criminal rehabilitation, among many others.

Career Possibilities are numerous for students in the department.  After commencing from their chosen degree program, students will be prepared for graduate study or other career service depending upon professional requirements.  Though not limited to the following, these include:

Historian/Political Scientist (Higher Education or State/Federal Employment)


Political Analyst (Independent or State/Federal)


Intelligence Analyst (e.g. CIA or NSA)


Law Enforcement Officer/Specialist (Local or State/Federal)