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English Program Overview

Program Overview

The English program is designed to furnish students with the skills necessary to understand literature, to appreciate it as an aspect of God’s redemptive voice, to write intelligently about it, and to pursue graduate studies.

Since effective written communication and oral communication are vital in all spheres of life, the College Writing and Fundamentals of Speech courses stand as the foundation of all programs.

The English major provides a progressive course of study, built on the general education requirements and lower division prerequisites, culminating in a Senior Seminar in which research is done in a fairly limited field. Upper division courses emphasize the study of literature, but include advanced writing courses.

The Communication and Journalism tracks explore the connection between the “redeemed human voice” and other voices in what philosophers have called the “global village.”
Students utilize classroom instruction and internships to prepare for careers/ministries in journalism, radio, theater, media arts, television, and corporate communications. Although this program does not train students for technical careers, training is available at local facilities.

The Creative Writing track allows students time to focus on their development as writers. At the heart of the Creative Writing major is the writing workshop – small, intimate courses in which students read and critique each others’ writing. The courses are taught by published faculty. The track is designed to help students learn and develop their skills in their chosen genre and enhance success in various career paths.

The Humanities track is essentially a combination of English and Philosophy and is especially appropriate for pre-professional studies. Those who plan to go to law school, for example, will find this track provides the skills and background necessary for a solid foundation.

Since the study of literature increases one’s skill at analyzing a text, and since the subject matter of literature is the record and study of human thought and behavior, the English minor may be of special interest to those taking programs in Bible, Psychology, and Social Science. Most importantly, the course of study can point the way to “an indispensable source of knowledge... a knowledge of experience, felt in the emotions as well as apprehended by the mind” (Laurence Perrine).


Kate TracySee how english major Kate Tracy will work with the “Herald and News” newspaper in Klamath Falls and “Christianity Today” in Chicago.

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