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Education Student Testimonies


Alexis Berdeaux
Some have indulged their curiosity enough to ask me, “Why study to be a teacher at Corban?”  A hundred reasons, a million reasons, but, for the sake of summarizing, I will list three reasons.

First, when I visited Corban my senior year of high school, I discerned that the students at Corban were serious about their faith in Christ.  It wasn’t just a secular institution with Christian rules.  These kindred spirits desired to know Christ more and honor Him with their lives.  Since attending college here, I still cling to that commonality within the student body.

Second, the Education program here is one of the largest (and, in my opinion, strongest) tracks of professional study at Corban.  Some have even ventured to claim it is better than programs at neighboring public colleges. The Education professors not only teach us about the school classroom, but also a biblical approach to teaching.  I confidently await my own chance to join the school system and put to use the wide range of skills and knowledge I have gained here.

Third, Corban is a community. I have formed friendships with my peers and professors alike.  In essence, when life gets especially frustrating or painful, I have often cried on a roommate’s shoulder or implored a professor for biblical advice. Corban is not just a thriving community; it’s a community that allows me to I thrive. And for that I respond in gratefulness by continuing the Corban tradition of making a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.

Christopher Zuver
In March of 2005 I visited Corban looking to experience the atmosphere as well as meet some of the education staff of the college. While on campus, I continually felt like I was not experiencing a school, but a church camp. I knew at the time that this college wouldn't just help quench my thirst for knowledge, but would also help me grow in my Christian walk.

Looking back, nothing could be more true. The Corban education faculty has helped me not only to become a great teacher, but to shape my worldview so that I will continually be focused on God as I am in a classroom. In addition, the Bible electives that I have the opportunity of taking help me build a Biblical foundation for my life.  I've gotten everything I've expected of the college, and so much more.

If there is just one thing that I could leave with any prospective student, it'd be that when you sign up to attend Corban as an education major, you aren't only signing up to learn how to teach, but how to better lead your Christian life.

Thomas Daugherty
It is hard to imagine that just four years ago I wasn’t even sure if I really wanted to become a teacher, and now teaching is my passion. Upon entering Corban I wasn’t sure what to expect with meeting so many new people and living in a city that seemed so foreign, not to mention that after one look at all of the syllabi I was completely overwhelmed.

Yet, with the help of some upperclassmen, and more importantly, the incredible professors, I soon realized that all the homework was making me a better teacher, person, and follower of Christ.

I have grown to appreciate how this school has been molding me and shaping me to be used to the best of my ability by God.  Before going into the education program I didn’t even know how to teach people in a one on one basis.

But through the exceptional classes of classroom management, instructional alignment, and many others offered within the education program, I have been taught how to be a successful and joyful teacher.

The education professors at Corban are part of what makes this school so great. I don’t know what I would have done if the professors weren’t there to help me out with my every need, even those things that seem quite insignificant. They are personal and truly care about every student.

Looking back on the time I have had here, I can sincerely say that I wouldn’t trade it for another educational experience. Corban University is a unique school with a heart for God and a desire to empower all students to live their lives for the express purpose of glorifying God.

Beth Rausch
I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in junior high. I loved kids-babysitting, playing with cousins, working at church, etc. I was attracted to children and they were somehow attracted to me. The love I have for them confirmed that God was leading me to be a teacher some day.

I didn't decide on Corban until the middle of the fall my senior year of high school. Visiting the school on Visit Weekend really made my mind for me-this was the place God had for me. I'd heard a lot about the education program, especially the part about being in a classroom for every year, not just your senior year for student teaching. I knew that the more experience I got, the better teacher I would be. I was also really looking for a strong Christian emphasis at the school I would attend. I could tell from the beginning that Christ was the center here, and I knew this would be a place of growth for me.

Getting to know all the professors, both Ed and others, has been such a joy. Before coming, I didn't have a clue as to the involvement they would have in my life. They all truly care about me and want to see me succeed. After I was sick, at least two of them approached me to ask if I was feeling better. When I got back from Vietnam, several asked how the trip was, wanting to know the details and see pictures. I'm amazed at how much they really care-teaching is more than just a job to them-they are a great example to me. The Bible professors have caused me to think more deeply about my faith. The Bible has so much truth in it, and they've helped me dig deeper into it!

The Ed professors have had experience in the classroom and have much wisdom to share. It's easy to go to their offices and chat about school and other parts of life. Corban just wouldn't be the same without the professors they have now!

It has been a great experience for me this year to be involved in the Student Education Association (SEA). Being the executive chairman of the leadership board has stretched me in many ways. I know I am making a difference in the Ed program here at Corban and also learning a lot about leadership. It's a great experience.

After I graduate I see myself teaching in a classroom somewhere…I don't really know where, but that's ok. I'm thinking about getting a Masters degree through the English Language Institute in China (ELIC), and teaching in Vietnam for a while. Most of all, I want to get married and have a family-I'd love to be a stay at home mom! Even if I don't end up teaching for a very long time, I know my time at Corban was totally worth every penny I paid.

Jason Brownell
Education is one of the most underrated yet most important professions out there. In my four years at Corban God has prepared me to follow His calling and pursue a career in education. With God's guidance and direction, along with the awesome faculty in the education program, I have enhanced my knowledge in the field of biology education. Being one of the few biology majors, I have been allowed more one-on-one personal training than you could receive in most other majors.

The science faculty has gone out of their way to help me succeed and give me ideas that would help benefit my teaching strategies. My experience at Corban, especially in the education program, has been wonderful and such a blessing from God. I pray that as future students consider education, they will follow the calling of God and pursue a lifetime of molding students' lives.