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Business Student Testimonies


Sarah Moore, Accounting—Finance
While in high school I came to visit a friend who attended Corban. At the time, I had no intentions of coming to school here. I planned to go to the local junior college near my home in California. But God had different plans. I really liked Corban and the atmosphere here. I thought it would be so cool to go to a school like Corban. I talked with my parents about it and decided to apply and allow God to open the door if this was where I was supposed to be. I applied; God opened the door, provided me with enough financial aid, and led me to Corban. I know it was God because it definitely wasn't my "realistic" idea.

When I first started at Corban I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career. I was interested in the business world and the office type atmosphere, so I decided to major in business. As I entered my sophomore year, Mr. Leavitt suggested I narrow my major and pick a specific area of business such as accounting, management, or marketing. At the time I was a little frustrated because I still didn't know which area to choose. I started praying about it, talking with my parents, and a close friend who knew me well. During these conversations my friend pointed out to me how much I like working with numbers. He remembered that I'm a little "weird" and actually enjoy balancing my checkbook, paying bills, and dealing with finances. So he suggested I focus on accounting. I pondered this idea, talked with my parents about it, and decided accounting would be a good fit for my interests and skills.

I have really enjoyed the small classes and appreciated the fact that the professors actually know my name. Because they know me personally I have been able to use them as references on scholarship applications. I also like how they show their love for the Lord in every class, even classes as dry as Business Law!

After graduating, I plan to work in an accounting firm and study for the CPA exam. In order to help prepare for this, I have been working as an accounting intern at a local CPA firm since the summer after my sophomore year. I head about the job in one of my business classes. This particular firm hires a Corban student every two years to work as an accounting intern. They hire us after our sophomore year and we work until we graduate, and then train the next person. I get my feet wet in everything that comes through this office. My tasks range in a variety of aspects including: preparing financial statements; preparing personal, corporate, and non-profit tax returns; working on an audit team; preparing payroll for about thirty different business clients; building client relations. It has helped me greatly. Because of this job, I know I chose the right major and will be a lot more confident going to my first job after college."

David Palmer, Business
"I chose a major in business because it seemed like the most useful degree I could work towards; I am interested in running a business some day. I then chose Corban because it has a great atmosphere!

The professors have shown a ton of love and taken time out of their lives to put time into mine. In the classroom they are a teacher and a brother (or sister) in Christ. Outside the classroom they are a friend. One funny professor story that I remember happened when we went over to Don Leavitt's house for a study group. He had just learned that for years he'd been eating an entire stick of butter per bowl of popcorn. He had no idea about this because his son always made it. Listening to him try and say equilibrium was always a treat as well.

After I graduate I see myself as a sales representative, working my way up the corporate ladder, thanks to God and Corban! For now, I have an internship at the local Xerox dealer. I got it through Professor Leavitt and Daren Millionis. Barry, the CEO, got in touch with Corban and came to speak in class one day, saying he wanted an intern. I eventually decided that I wanted it, and after a few phone calls and dropping off my resume, I had my paid internship! It has helped me realize how the business world really works, outside of the classroom. It's also shown me how true much of what I have learned is, and that I can use my natural talent in the business world. 
Whether or not I finish my degree at Corban, I am extremely grateful for the time and love everyone here has put into my life, as well as all the things, school and non-school related that I have learned here. God has used this place in great ways in my life, and I pray that many, many more will be touched in the same way!"

Natalie Naas, Accounting—Finance
"I have two older sisters that both graduated from Corban. They really encouraged me to go here. I knew that I wanted to go to a Christian college, and I was attracted to Corban because of its commitment to keeping Christian values integrated in its education. I did well in math in high school, and thought I might like doing something in business. I took a business class while in high school and decided that accounting was something I would like to do. That and Corban fit well together.

All of the professors in the Business department are ready and willing to help you in any way that they can. The professor that has influenced me the most has been Bryce Bernard. He has a true passion for what he is teaching. It is so evident when you take a class from him. He loves to get to know his students and keep up on how they are doing in and out of the classroom. I will never forget the study sessions that we would have at his house before a test. His wife would have something yummy baking for us to enjoy after we were done preparing for the test.

When you take a class from Don Leavitt there is always something happening! A few things that come to mind is his way of not being able to pronounce words correctly, getting a little too into the Power-point presentation sound affects, and trying to eat pretzels while lecturing.

Many thanks go to the work my professors do to get students who are accounting majors internships. Bryce Bernard especially has a lot of connections with the local accounting firms and he does all that he can to get his students out and working for them.

I currently have an internship at First Pacific Corporation. I found out about this job through talking with Justin Sherwood and Bryce Bernard. I went to them to find out about how to get an internship. Justin told me that this job was available, and that I should take my resume to FPC. Both Justin and Bryce called as references for me and encouraged Ron Bartel at FPC to hire me. I was called for an interview, and shortly afterward began working for the company.

The job that I have is giving me good experience in corporate accounting, which is what I want to do. I am able to do a little of everything from payroll, to keeping the different accounts balanced, to generating monthly financial statements. This job has helped me to pull together what I am learning in the classroom and put it to practical use in the workforce.

I hope to be able to move up to a full time position at FPC when I graduate. If there are no positions available to me there, I will look for another corporate accounting position here in the Salem area.

I know that my schooling here under the dedicated professor, coupled with my internship experience, is setting me up for a promising career in accounting. I am gaining the knowledge I need to get a good job."

Shiela Isaak, Accounting—Finance
"I chose Corban because of the family atmosphere, beautiful campus, business program, music, and cheaper airfare than the other college I was looking at. And since coming here, I have seen that the professors are able to get to know people individually and learn names. I am blessed o have professor be able to pray before class starts, talk about Christian perspectives no matter what subject, and expand my knowledge as well as my faith. Outside the classroom I've seen teachers as pastors, leaders, and servants in many areas.

I am involved in an internship at Minniti & Company, P.C., a very small accounting firm here in Salem. I started off with basic office work and data entry for clients. Eventually I was able to do a few individual tax returns. It has helped me learn more about taxes, organization, and other random skills and knowledge.

I am glad for a Christian perspective in most of my classes. Accounting doesn't have much of a Christian perspective in class, but, as Bryce Bernard put it, "The principle of accountability comes from God's word."