Student Support

Attending college is an important step in one's life. Higher education offers students a variety of valuable experiences. Even though the experiences gained outside of the classroom are of considerable value, the central value of a college experience continues to be found in the classroom.

Students who manage their study time effectively, attend class regularly, get involved in class discussions, and take good notes typically do well academically. However, not all students find the transition to higher education an easy one.

At Corban, one of the first places that students who are struggling with class work seek assistance is the Student Support Office. The Student Support staff is dedicated to helping support students to succeed in college whether it be academic study skills, connection to peer tutors, or advising.


Our Services 

  • Academic advising.
  • Assistance for students with disabilities.
  • Study skills and time management information.
  • Voluntary academic contracts.
  • Liaison between faculty and students.
  • Proof reading services for written papers.
    • Writing Lab Hours: Tuesdays 5-9pm, Wednesdays & Thursdays 7-9pm in Academic Center Room 3301
  • Group and individual peer tutoring.
  • Scheduled time to make up tests.


Our Staff 

Daren Milionis, Director of Student Support

Primary Focus: Academic Probation/ Provisional Students, Academic Advising, Academic Disability Services, and General Support Services.

Phone: (503) 375 -7012


Office: Schimmel 215


Dawnita Libby, Coordinator of International Student Support

Primary Focus: International Student Support

Phone: (503) 589-8126


Office: Schimmel 216


Alaina Sagarang, Administrative Assistant of Student Support

Primary Focus: Tutoring Services, Testing Services, and General Student Support

Phone: (503) 375- 7122


Office: Schimmel 220


For more information on our services, please email