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Study Abroad

Study Abroad Programs


Do you want to gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom? Would you enjoy a new cultural and educational experience? Corban University works with 15 study-abroad programs that can help you expand your college experience. You can study with and learn from knowledgeable professors at Oxford University, or learn how to incorporate Christian values in the film industry in Los Angeles, or even gain exposure to real-life journalism through a summer program.
At Corban, you aren't limited to Salem; you have an opportunity to see the world!

Amberg, Germany Extension ProgramTake advantage of Corban's extension campus located in the heart of Bavaria — beautiful Regensberg, Germany. Here you will dive into the culture and history of the "Great Awakening" of the Christian church and trace its German origins. Live in one of the many housing options and experience the German/European culture first-hand. Click here learn more about this unique opportunity.

The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), an association of 107 campuses in the U.S. and Canada, offers the following semester and summer programs to students of its member institutions. The programs offer a unique opportunity for students to make the world their classroom, going beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. These interdisciplinary learning opportunities are available to second-semester sophomores, juniors and seniors. For further information, contact either your Off Campus Programs Coordinator or the CCCU.

Programs associated with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities:

Within the United States:

American Studies
American Studies Program

Contemporary Music Studies
Contemporary Music Center
Los Angeles Film Studies
Los Angeles Film Studies Center
Washington Journalism Center
Washington Journalism Center

Around the world:

Australian Studies
Australia Studies Centre

China Studies
China Studies Program

Latin America Studies
Latin America Studies Program

Middle Eastern Studies
Middle East Studies Program

Oxford Studies
The Scholar's Semester in Oxford

India Studies Program
India Studies Program

Uganda Studies
Uganda Studies Program



Other Semester Study Programs:

Semester in Spain Program
Semester in Spain Program

Focus on the Family Institute
Focus Program

Israel Bible Extension Program
Israel Bible Extension Program

Other Travel/Study Opportunities:

A non-profit organization that sponsors a number of work/travel programs to destinations around the world.