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Student Life

Residence Halls

Residence Halls

Resident Life (a.k.a. dorm life) may be best known for late-night trips to Taco Bell or friendly Hall rivalry. It also is a place where men and women develop life-long friendships as they walk through the joys and trials of each other's lives.

Each resident hall is under the care of a Resident Assistant. The RAs are student leaders who provide guidance, support and accountability to the students on their hall. These RAs are available for conversation, cough drops, or anything else that the students on the floor might need.

Dorm devotions, led by the RAs, are held weekly and provide on-campus students with another way to lift each other up as they worship and pray together.

Whether they are splitting a tray of nachos or helping each other study for tomorrow's history exam, Corban students have this in common: they are pulling for each other.

This is the kind of community that is a result of eating, living, and studying with the people who are your neighbors, your classmates, and your family-away-from-home.


"I've been blessed by how the men of Davidson are willing to love me despite my vices, challenge me to let them go, and encourage me to live like I'm forgiven."


"I love dorm life! How often do you get to live with a bunch of girls, develop deep friendships, have spiritual accountability, and make the best memories of your life?"