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Mail Services

Departmental Mail Preparation


All classes of mail require that the originating department be responsible for preparing the mail piece, i.e., addressing, wrapping, enveloping, filling out necessary forms, and identifying the class at which they wish to mail the item. The Mail Center does not supply wrapping supplies; however the following items are available at the bookstore counter: Priority envelopes, priority boxes and labels, USPS Special Service forms and Express mail envelopes.

Always separate campus mail, domestic, foreign and APO destined mail and unsealed mail from regular mail by banding with a rubber band to ensure it is delivered to the proper mail processing area.

All outgoing mail requires a full college return address to include your department to be processed through your Mail Center. The return address must be placed in the upper left-hand corner with all return address information above the 2-7/8 inch mark. The proper address is:

Office / Department
Corban University
5000 Deer Park Drive SE
Salem, OR 97317-9392

Remember: Mail service is expedited when prepared for automated processing. In order to get the best results, type the address, omit punctuation, use a two letter abbreviation for the state and include the zip + 4 when possible. Be sure the suite or apartment number is on or above the same line as the street address.

AVOID HANDWRITING ADDRESSES. The line directly above the city, state and ZIP code is the delivery line, so, if there are two addresses, be sure the address you would like to be delivered to is on the proper line.

These guidelines are set by the USPS to enhance service of your mail piece. The Mail Center offers assistance in mail preparation. If mail is improperly prepared, it may be returned to the originating department for correction.


Corban Business Mail Info:
Address Requirements
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Preparation of mail

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