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General Information

Deparment Mailings my be distributed with a reply request envelope. Postage is not prepaid for the reply envelope. Corban is only charged for the number of reply envelopes which are returned.

Authorized Use Information: Any Corban Department or Organization at Corban may use the Qualified Business Reply option.

Mailing Specifications: Qualified Business Reply envelopes, and cards must be specially printed, and must meet the USPS requirements. Please call the Communications Department ext. 7591 for permit information and envelope design. Handwritten restrictions on this envelope are due to the automation process and is limited to the return address area only. Please have any additional information printed on the envelope when designing.



It is very important that all BRM envelopes, tri-fold flyers, and cards comply with current USPS regulations.

The Mailroom and the Marketing & Communications Office have been working together to update all of the BRM cards, tri-fold flyers, and envelopes from the various offices on campus. Most of the current BRM cards have now been brought up to postal regulations, but we need to be sure that any mailings that include Business Reply Cards are new, up-to-date versions. (This is especially important if you are planning to send left over cards that have been on your self from a previous mailing. They may now be out of date).

If you have any BRM: cards, tri-fold flyers, or envelopes, that have not been approved by the Communications Office in the last 30 days, please do not use them for any reason. You can help by sending samples of them to the mailroom to see if they meet new USPS regulations.

Our goal is to apply for the best postal rates. The use of cards, tri-folds, or envelopes by any office CAN ELIMINATE THE ENTIRE COLLEGE ACCOUNT from qualifying for these lower preferred postal rates.

Please remember that all BRM use must be approved by the mailroom BEFORE PRINTING and mailing. All unqualified BRM going through the system will be rejected before mailing. Reprinting will be at the sender's expense.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

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