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Emergency Notification

Some emergency situations may require University officials to notify the entire Corban community of information and/ or instructions in the most expedient manner possible. Emergency notification will be initiated by the Director of Campus Safety, the Director of Campus Care, or the Director of Information Services. The primary means of emergency notification for Corban University consists one or all of the following:

These are three (3) pre-arranged signals that will alert the campus of an emergency situation, these are:

  1. Audible siren or alarm. This is a signal to immediately move to a secure location and turn on your cell phone, check messages, or check email for important safety instructions. It may indicate a number of scenarios, so get to safety and try to access emergency information.
  2. Blackboard CONNECT messages. Some incidents may be communicated to the Corban community via our mass notification system. Follow all emergency instructions. If you haven’t registered for CONNECT messages please click here.
  3. Reader boards. Updated electronic reader boards are positioned in Schimmel Hall, the dining hall, and in the gym. This information is the same as the Blackboard Connect info.

In addition to the above strategies, the following communication procedures will be initiated as necessary:

  1. Emergency Alert on University website
  2. Information released to local media outlets
  3. Couriers or messengers
  4. Written information updates and posted safety messages