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Frequently Asked Questions About KWBX

Frequently Asked Questions About KWBX

Why have a campus radio station at Corban?
KWBX not only provides Christian
hit music as a ministry 24/7, but it also makes listeners aware of Corban and events in our community. By having this community link, Corban can provide free promotional services to Christian organizations or events and encourage listeners to become associated with the College.

Why did you choose Christian hit music for KWBX?
The opportunity to reach our target audience—young people—with the music styles they prefer to listen to led us to choose this popular music format. Other traditional Christian music stations can be heard in the Salem-Keizer area, but none are specifically formatted for listeners under age 40.

Does KWBX air any local or college information?
Currently, we are airing Whassup at approximately 20 minutes and 50 minutes past each hour Monday through Saturday. These customized one minute program segments are used to minister to and inform listeners while promoting local community church activities, ministry outreach opportunities and Christian concerts.

How can I get free announcements on KWBX's Whassup segment?
It's best to send us your information four weeks before your event. We can accept it for as little as two+ weeks, but your air time will be limited. Include the usual info: "who, what, when, where" to Also send us a contact name and phone number in case we have questions.

Can we listen to KWBX on the Internet?
Sorry, no. KWBX is heard in the Salem-Keizer and the nearby Polk County areas only. Corban doesn't have the extra Internet bandwidth required. But Air1 can be heard on the web by linking to the website or by clicking on "Listen Online" in the menu to the left.

What is the listening range of KWBX?
It can be heard from South Salem north toward Woodburn and from Dallas to East Salem. KWBX's broadcast signal (FM 90.3) is authorized only 135 watts of broadcast power by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). KWBX broadcasts Air1's network 24 hours a day from Corban's campus. Air1 has over one million listeners in 38 states and is heard on the Internet at

Will Warrior sports be aired on KWBX?
Because Air1 is a national radio network, their on-air staff is headquartered near Sacramento, California. Seasonally (January-March) KWBX may choose to interrupt Air1 to air Corban Warrior basketball playoff games. Check Corban's Athletics website for future game dates and times.

What's the relationship between Corban / KWBX and Air1?
KWBX is an FM (90.3) station whose federally approved license is held by Corban University. Air time on the station is leased to Air1 as part of a long-term contract. Except for one-minute ministry or community event segments aired Monday through Saturday at 20 minutes and 50 minutes past the hour and seasonal Warrior basketball coverage (up to 14 games), all programming is produced and broadcast entirely by Air1 in Rocklin, California (near Sacramento). It's then transmitted via satellite to the campus where it is rebroadcast locally 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Who is Air1?
God gave a vision to Jon and Noonie Fugler, residents of Southern California. That vision was to launch a radio station that would appeal to young people. Unlike the majority of other stations in the area, the goal of this new station would be to educate listeners about the Good News of Jesus Christ, to challenge them to put into practice the truths they learn from the Bible and to increase their faith.

"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3

In 1986, God combined the Fuglers' experience in Campus Crusade with the talents of Northern California on-air personality Bob Anthony and Operations Manager Candace Andrews. The result was the first broadcast of KLRD Christian Radio, known as K-LORD, to the metropolitan areas of Southern California. The primary mission of the K-LORD staff was to lead listeners to Christ through Christian music. In 1993, the Fulgers felt called by God to leave K-LORD and start a new Christian station in San Luis Obispo, California.

Anthony, along with Lee Nielsen, Larry Wayne and Tim Bronleewe, decided to create a national radio network to deliver Christian hit music and positive messages to young people all over the United States. K-LORD and new sister station, KXRD, became the first two stations in the newly-created Air1 Radio Network which began broadcasting in December 1995, from St. Helens, Oregon.

Always on the cutting edge, Air1 was one of the first Christian music stations to launch a live Internet broadcast in 1996, when streaming audio was in its infancy. The network's programming has evolved over the years to the current Christian hit music format that listeners enjoy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to music, offers concert and event information, the latest music, news, and interviews with top Christian artists and music reviews.

In January 1999, Air1 joined forces with K-LOVE Radio Network, a national, nonprofit Christian music ministry. This merger allowed both networks to pool resources and talent, furthering their goal to reach nonbelievers with the gospel message. Air1 relocated to the national headquarters of Educational Media Foundation (EMF), sharing facilities with EMF's K-LOVE in Rocklin, California (near Sacramento) in August 2002. Today, Air1 broadcasts via radio across the nation, on the Internet at, and on the Sky Angel digital network, Channel 9751.

What is the purpose statement for Air1?
The Air1 staff wants to lead people to Jesus Christ. The music played draws people to Jesus, and that's the goal. Our focus is leading people to Jesus Christ who don't know Him, and strengthening those who have already placed their trust in Jesus.

This world we live in is out of control! SEX, SUICIDE, DRUGS, ALCOHOL and VIOLENCE are all around us, in our neighborhoods, on television and on the radio. The garbage the world produces is causing this generation to go down the tubes.

We want to give our listeners information about the way out of that lifestyle by presenting Jesus Christ as the WAY, speaking the TRUTH and revealing true LIFE (John 14:6) through the radio.

  • Evangelize: We tell people about Jesus and the truth of the Bible (Matthew 28:19).
  • Exhort: We challenge our listeners to DO what they learn from the Bible, even if the people around them don't (James 1:22, Luke 1:17).
  • Edify: We encourage others, in love, to increase their faith in Christ (1 Thes. 5:11, 1 Tim. 6:18, 1 Cor. 8:1).
  • Encourage: We offer hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak (Isaiah 35:3-4, Heb. 3:13, Heb. 10:25).
  • Educate:We teach the truth of the Bible to train, correct and encourage (2 Tim. 3:16, Col. 3:16).

Who is behind KWBX?

Steve Hunt, Vice President for Marketing, Corban University
He has over 40 years experience in the fine arts, outdoor advertising, communications and graphic design. He came to Oregon with Corban (then Western Baptist College) in 1969 and served as graphic artist until 1978 when he founded his own graphic design firm. That company led to a partnership in Church Art Works, a Christian graphics firm specializing in youth ministry clip art resources, graphic design, and ministry-themed garments. After 15 years Steve returned to the College as Director of Communications. In 2004 he was named the Vice President for Marketing and is responsible for the overall communications of the College including website, publications and media.

Josh Bartlett, Chief Operations Director
Josh serves not only as the resident Chief Operations Director for KWBX but also as Campus Technical Coordinator, overseeing all electronic systems campus-wide including fire and safety, as well as the sound, video and lights for the Psalm Performing Arts Center on campus. He is currently working to upgrade many of the operations on campus.