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Robert W. Wright

Adjunct Professor of Ministries, 1977

B.A. Providence-Barrington Bible College
M.S. Western Oregon State College
M.R.E. Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
D.D. (Hon) Corban University
Certified Instructor for American Church Growth
Ph.D. Trinity Seminary

Ministry Experience

Served as a missionary in Brazil from 1957-77 working primarily with tribal people doing church planting, linguistics, translation, medical work and leadership training.

Professional Service

Corban University faculty; travels extensively in international ministries wherever there are opportunities. He has spent three summers in mainland China in 1979, 1981, 1983. Involved in establishing a training school for church leaders in Romania under the leadership of the Romanian church. The vehicle through which Dr. Wright has ministered overseas is Growth Resources for Outreach Worldwide of which he has been president since 1978. Since 1984, one or two trips have been made yearly to Romania.


Enjoys hiking, camping, and family as well as spending time with his family: wife, Rita; four sons and 12 grandchildren