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Michael T. Miller

Associate Professor of Mathematics

B.S. Corban University
M.S. Oregon State University

  • Mike has been a part of this school since birth: his dad started teaching here in 1966 and Mike followed in his footsteps by working at Corban in 1994.
  • A member of the Mathematical association of America, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics, I have graded AP Calculus exams since 2000.
  • Published:Instructor’s Texas Instrument Calculator Manual for Linear Algebra and Its Applications by David C Lay
  • "Mathematics is a great career choice with excellent job opportunities, and as an academic discipline, it provides opportunities to see God’s awesome power and design.," Mike said.
  • Attends Willamette Community Church in Albany where he is the deacon of facilities and works in the nursery.
  • On a personal note:
    Wife: Katie (we met as freshmen at Corban) Married: 5/6/1993
    Daughter: Morgan (born 11/20/96)
    Son: Randall (born 7/15/00)
    Dog: Sam
    "I like wearing Old Navy Hawaiian shirts. I am a huge fan of Ken Griffey Jr. In the summer of 2007, I designed and served as the general contractor of my house."