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Jim Hills


Professor of Humanities

B.A. Master's College
B.A. California State University at Los Angeles
M.A. California State University at Los Angeles

  • Has been teaching at Corban since 1973, when a position came open in the English Department.

  • Published 45-50 articles
  • Member of Bethany Baptist Church, where he teaches an adult Sunday School Class. He is also affiliated with Oregon Educational Assn., Shakespeare Society of America.
  • "Corban is a place where we learn to think like Christians, and by that I do not mean that we present our students with a list of approved ideas. We help them identify the big questions, and we read and talk together about how the Christian story is revealed in Scripture speaks to these questions. In other words, we think hard about what it means to be a redeemed human being in our thinking and doing, living out what Christians understand to be our identity and our vocation."

  • "On a personal note, Bonnie and I have been married since 1965. I'm from upstate New York, she's from Long Island, and we met in college in Southern California. We have four children and six grandchildren. She likes gardening, I like sports, travel and canoeing.

    Traveling has led to some awkward moments, including being examined with more interest than I would have liked by a big barracuda patrolling a reef where I was snorkeling near Key Largo; and falling off of a boat into the Thames river between London and Oxford. (If you're thinking of doing the same, here's an important geographical note: the sea off the Florida Keys is warmer and clearer than English rivers. On the other hand, English rivers do not house large fish with teeth like finishing nails.)"